The Fiery Cross

The Fiery Cross - Diana Gabaldon Diana Gabaldon HATES Roger.

So. The first book [b:Outlander|10964|Outlander (Outlander, #1)|Diana Gabaldon||2489796] is A MA ZING. Amazing. My best advice is to stop there if you are interested in an HEA.

The second book [b:Dragonfly in Amber|5364|Dragonfly in Amber (Outlander, #2)|Diana Gabaldon||2866304] will have you in knots. It is very well done, and I adored it, but you know how it's going to end from the beginning, and it's brutally stressful. The end will have you grabbing for book three, even though you just got done reading 700+pages.

The third book [b:Voyager|10987|Voyager (Outlander, #3)|Diana Gabaldon||1131570], FOR ME, just went downhill from there (see my review on it for why), tho it SEEMS to be people's favorite.

I enjoyed the fourth book [b:Drums of Autumn|10988|Drums of Autumn (Outlander, #4)|Diana Gabaldon||3123704] more than the third, but it was close to 900 pages, and I was wiped out upon completing it. I still felt affection for all the character enough to continue on to the 5th book, which leads me to this review....

This book (the 5th)? 1000 pages of every minute detail you don't need to know. The entire story could have been told in 100 pages. I skimmed it just so I could advance to the next book because most say she picks up steam again then, but this book was a CHORE.

In summary: Read Outlander. Stop there. If you're able to speed read, go forward, but go forward knowing that the stories get more and more ridiculous with each book. :)