On Every Street

On Every Street - Karina Halle If you are going to read any novella, this should be it. Best 99 cents spent, and best bang for your buck right here! AWESOME prequel to Sins & Needles!!!!!
I honestly don't know if this is spoilerish, especially if you've already read Sins and Needles, but I'll mark it hidden just in case.
I truly don't get all the love for Javier in other reviews. There is no question he is a sexy beast, in a hot psychotic kind of way, but the end result is still the same as we learn in Sins & Needles ... he cheats on her. And not only cheats on her, but that woman is in their house, in their bed, while Ellie/Eden is supposed to be at work. He is playing footsy with this other woman, and sweet talking her, indicating a definite intimacy beyond a one time screw. That other woman acts like she belongs there, based on what is described. Yes, Eden started out conning him and yes, she was not being honest with him... but I can never overlook the fact that he may have been playing her back, fine, but he stuck his you know what in someone else. That is not redeemable to me. At all. I still believe that Camden will be her HEA. Javier, while yes, hot passionate crazy sexy, is just not redeemable as a hero. He is a lying, cheating, crazy motherf*er. What am I missing?? Why does everyone think he is going to be her HEA now??