Raven Cursed

Raven Cursed - Faith Hunter What I am going to say about this book isn't original, because I've seen it expressed in several other reviews before mine. Nevertheless, I have big issues with how book 3 was staged in regards to Rick and George, and how all the things staged were basically ignored in this book. I am a fan of Urban Fantasy and don't require romance in my books, but if it is set up and built up over the span of several books, then just ignored with no progression, I get cranky. All of the things Rick did in book 3 were completely written off and explained wayyyy too easily. And she just runs from both him and George in this one and though both try to talk to her, she just ignores them and runs. I feel like the author is doing this to keep me reading and I don't appreciate being manipulated and strung along like that. I am still on the fence as to whether I want to read the next book.