Truth - Aleatha Romig SCREEEEEEECH boom! That is how I felt throughout this book. My only explanation for finishing it is that I do love a good train wreck, and fall victim to my morbid curiosity, but I hated myself for it.
If you are looking for a follow-up to a great book where the heroine is wronged, and now is her time to get her revenge and make the evil bastard pay - THIS IS NOT YOUR BOOK.
I kept hoping for it to play out a different way and every time, it took a turn for the What the F*cking F*ck. Claire is definitely not a heroine I can stand behind, and I wanted to stand behind her so badly. And the idea that Tony is somehow redeemable and a HERO? Just... no. I will admit, I LOVE twist and turns, and the author is definitely good with that. I want to give this book a 2 and yet I am going to give it a 3 because of all the different turns it took, it's not a BAD book. I don't know, I'm torn, so I'm settling on a 3. Just be warned, the heroine is too damn stupid to live at times, and the "hero" is a monster in Armani.