Magic Breaks

Magic Breaks - Ilona Andrews LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE. love. LoVe. lOvE. LoVE. LOve. This book. This. Is. How. It's Done. This book!!!!
Magic Breaks just keeps piling on the layers of awesome, page after page, I hang on to every word. I'll let everyone else recap what happens, I just am here to say that this is easily my favorite book of 2014, and for a book to be the 7th in a series to still blow my mind this way, that is almost unheard of. The writing duo that is Ilona Andrews take no missteps in their treatment of Curran & Kate, Curran & Kate and the Pack, Kate & Hugh, Kate and her Family. The relationships, the dialog, the action, the fantastic world building. It's perfection. Genius. I really can't stop obsessing on how awesome this story is. I am not a re-reader, but I am so lost to be back in this world with the characters that I am going to do a re-read to hold me over until the next book is out. Seriously, the way this book ends... GENIUS! Curran & Kate FOREVER. :)