Demon Bait

Demon Bait - Moira Rogers Moira Rogers whisks us away into a futuristic world with Demon Bait, the first book in their Children of the Undying series and quite a powerful ride! I don't typically read this genre much, but was curious, because hey, it's Moira Rogers, y'all! In this post-apocalyptic story, the humans have banded together underground and through virtual networks, and demons walk the earth and dominate it.

Marci is a human summoner who is smart and savvy and working as a network programmer. Before the Fall, the summoners had all the power with the ability to control demons by calling them from wherever they resided. After the Fall, demons have taken over the earth and the power has shifted to them now. As a halfblood, Gabe is part-demon and he immediately identifies Marci for what she is. While visiting Marci's outpost on a trade mission, he feels the pull to her immediately, and wants to mark her the moment he steps in to the network station. There is a demon attack on the mill, and their station goes in to lockdown, leaving Marci and Gabe physically trapped together. Gabe makes it his mission to convince Marci to go with him to Rochester, where he claims halfbloods like them are openly accepted and respected.

I really enjoyed the premise of Demon Bait, it had a very Matrix-y feel to it, but with demons. I also liked that there wasn't any hard-to get going on in the romance department. Gabe makes his case for why Marci needs to leave with him, Marci readily believes it (which is well-explained), and we move along with the story. The sexual tension was immediate and it led to both characters not fighting the attraction. That led to smoking hot smex. I really liked the couple, as well.

She rose and licked her lips. “I left,” she told him carefully. “I left the mill, and my life isn’t over. That wasn’t it.”
“Not in the least,” he agreed. “Your life’s just getting started.”

If you are looking for a longer read, this is a novella, but don't judge it by its size (ahem). This story is super dense with action and is pretty fast-paced. Demon Bait is thoroughly enjoyable and it will leave you wanting more. Fortunately, the next book is a full-length novel Hammer Down, and I am reading it next!
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