Hearts in Darkness

Hearts in Darkness - Laura Kaye Okay, am I really the last person to read this book? I noticed on Twitter it was on temporary sale, so I pounced. I was hearing great things in general about it from my trusted sources, so I put it on the back burner and knew I'd have something promising when I had a break to get to it.

Once again, my trusted sources didn't lead me astray. I picked Hearts in Darkness up, and could not put it back down. I seriously was glued to it. You get the gist of it from the blurb above, but what an original and cute (and hot) story! Makenna is not paying attention when she enters the elevator, but Caden is. He notices her right away and is immediately amused by her. She never really gets a good look at him, just getting a glimpse of his tattoo. The power goes out and they are trapped in the elevator together.

With who knows how much time they have, they immediately connect in conversation. Between their chemistry and the darkness, they reveal things about themselves that leads them to really connect... in the dark. They both reach out to each other emotionally which leads them to naturally wanting to touch, and things get kinda hot in the elevator when the lights come back on, temporarily. He can envision what she looks like, but she has no clue what he does, so I was giggling at Makenna's reaction to Caden with his scar on his head (hooottt) and tattoos and piercings.

She’d just been sitting there gawking without saying a word. Hating the idea he might interpret her silence the wrong way, she blurted out, “You’re freaking gorgeous!” Her eyes bugged at her unfiltered honesty. She slapped a hand over her mouth and shook her head in embarrassment. She wished the lights would go off again as the blush roared over her skin.

I loved both of these characters! This is a short story (100 pages or so) with a powerful punch and very engaging and multi-dimensional hero and heroine. I almost didn't want the lights to come back on :) But when they deal with the aftermath of the elevator incident, it remains just as engrossing. I thoroughly enjoyed Hearts in Darkness and because of it will definitely be picking up more by this author.
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