Not Wicked Enough

Not Wicked Enough - Carolyn Jewel Originally posted at WickedLilPixie Reviews
This is my first Historical Romance novel… and sweet fancy cheeses, I loved it! First things first, screw the plot. There was one, and it was entertaining enough, but mostly I just loved wondering how Lily and Mountjoy are going to eventually find their HEA. From the first moment Lily meets the Duke, it is so freaking hot. She has pretty much given up on ever loving again; and he is a farmer at heart who has found himself in his position of Duke, to be married to someone suitable for his position in society; yet neither can ignore their smoldering attraction to one another and thank gods for us, they don’t! From their very first encounter, I was fanning myself with my hand. As their encounters occur throughout the vast Estate and their attraction only grows, I could not put Not Wicked Enough down!

One thing that initially intimidated me is I am completely ignorant to the fashion and clothing descriptions of the time period. I had to look up so many fashion terms in the dictionary. I have 0 experience with historical romances. What the hell is a caveat -looks up in dictionary-. A banyan? -back to dictionary – OK why does he have lozenges on his coat? -dictionary- I started to grow a complex that I needed to turn in my girl-card because I know so little about these fashionable terms, but it was fun. I have since learned that what I experienced in this novel was a period called Regency England. Well, I’m hooked, especially with my latest addiction to Downton Abbey.

As touched upon earlier, I have to say that this really was some of the most beautiful and consistent tension in a Romance novel I have ever read. I loved how hero and heroine would say one thing in the name of decency, yet it would be immediately followed by a naughty statement on what they were really thinking. Their flirting was awesome, and the witty banter between the two kept me thoroughly engaged. I was tickled by the fact that the Duke was a terrible dresser and could give one fig about how his clothes looked. Although it kept me busy looking up terms in the dictionary, the descriptions of how his clothes fit and the colors versus the other men’s from Lily’s perspective had me giggling out loud. It was thoroughly endearing, and further so with Lily giving him so much grief over it, leading to her eventual intervention in upgrading him. >Cue Beyonce’s ‘Upgrade U’ song here<<br/>
If you are looking for a really steamy romance, look no further! Not Wicked Enough totally delivers. I’m definitely going to be coming back for more with Carolyn Jewel’s next Seducing the Scoundrels novel, Not Proper Enough, released on 9/4.