Coveted - Shawntelle Madison Rogue wolf Natalya has found herself back at home in South Thoms River. We learn very early on that she has a very extreme anxiety disorder manifesting itself as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. It's not far-fetched to see how this compulsive behavior has led her to her ejection from the local pack. Her addiction is shopping for holidays items; be it Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, shopping for these ornaments and trinkets gives her a sense of control, and yet to everyone on the outside, makes her look crazy. Boxes and boxes of untouched and cherished ornaments and items are "coveted" in her home, to an alarming and shame-inducing degree.

Her best friend, Agatha AKA Aggie, shows up one night to stay with her on her way out west, and she is a total delight. She has an addiction to food, so she can comprehend Nat's obsessive-compulsive tendencies, and their relationship was so endearing. In fact, it's how they met, at a camp for supernatural kids with 'issues'. Always with, or wanting for, a bag of Doritos, she is not to be underestimated. As a high-ranking alpha female from another pack, Aggie's friendship with Nat was the real thing. She has her back.

And then there is Thorn... sigh. He and Natalya had something intimate going on 5 years ago, and we slowly discover how and why they both find themselves in their hometown of South Thoms River, apart, after losing touch. There is still something between them, but due to pack politics... it can't be. Enter a mysterious white wizard named Nick, and there might be some bow-chicka-bow-bow in her future! CROSSING FINGERS.

From a hilarious first date with the necromancer janitor Quinton from work, to a truly entertaining support group for supernaturals with anxiety disorders, Coveted is a truly charming and enjoyable novel. The werewolf mythology is not very in-depth which I could have used more of, and there is not a great amount of romance. I would almost classify this as YA, due to the mild content and the light tone, but that is not a complaint. Coveted does have a "first book" feel to it, in that a lot of things are set up, and characters are introduced. My biggest concern with this series, going forward, is the set up of a possible love triangle. I personally am not a fan of the love triangle deal in general, but I am not going to jump to conclusions, because I definitely want to check out the next book Kept.

Nevertheless, I truly found Coveted a delightful read with a very endearing heroine, and fantastic secondary characters whom I ended up really caring about and wanting more. The theme of the book, covet, was truly well-done, and I look forward to what Ms. Madison has in store for us next in Kept.
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