Shadow Bound

Shadow Bound - Rachel Vincent Shadow Bound is the eagerly anticipated second novel in Rachel Vincent's Unbound series. It picks up roughly 2 months from where Blood Bound left off, and we find our heroine, Korinne Daniels, in dire straits. Kori is a Traveler, or shadow-walker, able to step in to a shadow in one room, then out of a shadow anywhere else she wants to go, within her range. She can see in the dark better than most people, too. She has been tortured and dehumanized for the past six weeks as punishment from the events in the previous book, at the hands of Jake Tower (the heart of the Tower syndicate) and his sadistic brother, Jonah. Jake finally pulls her out of her torture room, from a cell in his basement, no less, and gives her the ultimate challenge... recruit Ian Holt, world class Blinder, ... or die. But we all know it's never that simple, right?

"Son of a motherfucking, ass-reaming, shit-eating, hell-dodging soulless bitch!" - Kori

The story is told from Kori's first-person point of view, and then from Ian's first-person point of view. It switches back and forth each chapter, which I enjoyed. You may remember this format from the first book, when it switched between Olivia and Cam... And what the heck every happened to Cam and Olivia, I wondered while reading? Well, we find out. They all make appearances, and continue to play vital roles to the plot in very new and interesting ways. An appearance is even made by that rank stank bitch Michaela.

The great thing about Rachel Vincent's storytelling is that anything goes with her. There are no guarantees of anything, and never assume there will be a happy ever after waiting for you at the end. With that being said, I have to say that I am super pleased with how this book played out. Ms. Vincent kept this very intense tone of dread pretty consistently throughout the entire novel, particularly because the first book in the series, Blood Bound, ended with such a whammy. We watch the hero, Ian, and our kickass heroine, Kori, fall in love, but know the other shoe is going to drop. The anticipation of waiting to see who will be betrayed, and who will ultimately outsmart everyone in the game makes for a very intense experience. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the evens unfold between Kori and Ian.

One moment she looked vulnerable and bruised, and I wanted to bandage wounds I couldn't even see. Then a second later, that woman was gone, and in her place stood a fierce hellcat, angry at the world and spitting flames with every word, and I wanted to poke her just to see the sparks fly. - Ian

I thought Shadow Bound was smart, well paced, with all the dark and grit I like my Urban Fantasies to have. The world building is really top notch, and there is a lot of complexity in the storyline with several different games being played, and various Binding going on that make it suspenseful. With the way it plays out, I almost felt like it was the end to a series, but that couldn't be... Only 2 books?? I was super pleased to see a third book listed for release in 2013, Oath Bound. You had better believe I will be reading it!