Heart of Darkness

Heart of Darkness - Lauren Dane Originally posted at WickedLilPixie Reviews
What a nice new PNR gem Heart of Darkness is! Meriel Owen is second in head to Clan Owen, and she must visit a newcomer violating Clan rules by tapping in to the Magick source without asking Clan permission first. It turns out that violator is Dominic Bright, a smoking hot owner of the human and supernatural club Heart of Darkness. I adored Mariel right from the start. Because of her status and upbringing in the Clan, she could have come across as a total bitch, but she charmed and flirted with the best of them and showed Dominic she was his match in all ways. She knew when and how to be forceful, yet still playful, too. She was highly intelligent and I just wanted her to really come out on top of this, and maybe wanted to secretly be her too. :P

Once she arrives at Heart of Darkness to reprimand Dominic and sees him across the room: boom. It’s on. Dominic is that fine dominant bad boy variety and from the moment the two characters see one another, the heat simmers. Throw in another very enticing character in to the scene and I was like, “Oh, I love this book.” And what do you know… turns Mariel and Dominic really are more than just simply hot for each other. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about who they were and why, and I enjoyed them learning to give the other one a chance with their trust and hearts.

The world building was quite well done. It was not overly complicated, but had enough oomph and unique twists to the way Magick works to keep it appealing. The supernatural element that brings Meriel and Dominic closer is very interesting, and discovering more about Clan versus un-Clan traditions and practices were well thought out. With this all being said, where Lauren Dane’s extraordinary abilities lie are with her relationship building. The couple could be in outer space, or at Disney World, and she consistently provides two compelling characters that I want to see win each other. She adds very real emotional elements that gave me goose bumps at one point, I just loved the true emotional journey this took me on. Lauren Dane always gives us highly sensual descriptions of her characters, and it will get your heart pumping!

If you are looking for a fast and fun sexy adult read, with endearing main characters very comfortable in their sensuality and a solid paranormal twist, look no further than Heart of Darkness. I will definitely be reading the second book in the series and I think this is a fantastic start to a new Paranormal Romance series. Way to go, Ms. Dane!