Spectyr - Philippa Ballantine Originally posted at WickedLilPixie Reviews
I was fortunate enough to move from the First Book of the Order novel Geist right on to Spectyr so everything that had been created in the first book was fresh in my mind. Even so, I had to sit here and blink for a while to figure out how to even summarize my impressions. This book was so good that I really had no idea how to start a review for it. I hemmed and I hawed over it, but here I go.

Sorcha Farris and Merrick Chambers leave their Mother Abbey headquarters and travel south to the Hive city of Orinthal. Once again, Merrick takes the role as diplomat while the gruff and snarky Sorcha remains focused on finding the fugitive Prince Raed, whom she cannot stop thinking about. She has received a message from the Otherworld that his life is in danger, and he has been led to Orinthal to save his kidnapped sister. What the three of them find is a city full of fear due to unexplained murders connected to the Royal family. This is all I will tell you they find to prevent any kind of spoiler that would detract from the experience. What they really find is so much more than that. The events and settings are so richly described you will lose yourself in this book. You will also do a little happy dance once Sorch and Raed find one another.

We get to know more about all three of our favorite characters Sorcha, Merrick, and Raed. We learn a lot more about Merrick’s backstory and his family. The fascinating bonds between the three of these characters continue to grow and change. There is no guessing what happens next at every turn. Everything about Spectyr was new and refreshing, with amazingly vivid action and suspense. If you are looking for a new Fantasy series, please look no further. If you have never tried a Fantasy series and are curious, please look no further. Philippa Ballantine’s writing really and truly cannot be beat, and the third book in the series, Wrayth, is on my auto-buy list. Oh, and before I conclude with my gushing, how incredible are the covers for this series? I can tell you that this is definitely a case of the gorgeous covers matching the books perfectly.

Wrayth (2012)