Goddess with a Blade

Goddess with a Blade - Lauren Dane Originally posted at WickedLilPixie Reviews
4.5 Stars
Rowan Summerwaite is the first true vessel of a Celtic goddess who carries a blade forged and blessed by warrior shamans, created to kill Vampires. With her skills and blade, she is a Hunter, responsible for ensuring the Vampires in Las Vegas uphold the treaty that created the Vampire Nation, preventing them from killing humans. She single-handedly took out the previous worthless and corrupt Scion – leader of the Vampire Nation – and has spent the last several months in London dealing with the political fallout from his murder. Now she has returned to Las Vegas for the first time since his death and must develop a new political relationship with the new Scion, Clive Stewart, who is worlds different than his predecessor. The murder of a woman with every indication to Rowan that it is a Vampire kill leads to the realization that there is a homicidal rogue Vampire loose on Las Vegas. Rowan and Clive must put aside their utter mistrust of one another to work together to stop the rogue Vampire before another woman is slaughtered. They must do this without revealing Vampires to the human population.

I have to start out by saying that I am already a fan of Lauren Dane’s very different erotica Brown Siblings series. So when I discovered this new Paranormal Romance release Goddess with a Blade was coming out I had to get my hands on it. At first, I was slightly turned off by Rowan’s ginormous chip on her shoulder. Her over-the-top arrogance was much to digest, even though initially we are given bits and pieces of why she is the way she is throughout the novel. I love a cusses-like-a-sailor-bad-ass heroine as much as the next UF fan, but her constant barking could be distracting. Yet once she and Clive started bickering and going at it, it turned super duper caliente. All this being said, Rowan majorly managed to grow on me, and her chemistry with Clive was fantastically written. Clive is seemingly her opposite in every way – he is obsessively manicured with immaculate self control where she is vulgar and very rough around the edge – but the minute they are in one another’s company respective buttons are pushed and frustration and anger turn in to sexy combustion. She makes it her mission to give him a frustration neck tic, and it becomes quite comical. Their banter and commentary of one another had me giggling. Here are just two instances out of many where I had to snort.

She growled and sent the valet a look of such violence he shrank back and refused a tip. On the other hand, Clive found her little moments of violence fascinating. Liked the danger she exuded.

“You’re still here why?” She yanked her elbow from his grip. Though she did have atrocious manners. Like a monkey. pg 116

Clive: “What is your problem?”

Rowan: “You are. Don’t touch me or I will rip that arm off and use the stump to fuck your face up. Asshole.” pg 129

Eventually, we truly see Rowan evolve as a character and become more than just a fire-spitting bitch, hee hee. Oh she still has her fire and spits it, but she also develops a definite level of empathy that was not there when we first meet her. As her thirtieth Birthday comes and goes we also see a fundamental transition that affects all of her relationships as well as her perceptions. By now we truly see just how many worlds she has to exist in, and how she is what she is to stay sane and do her job. The truth is, I didn’t see it coming but I found myself enamored with Rowan. This is a romance story of opposites attract and it works in every way. The plot itself was a good action mystery, and had a few different spins making it more than your everyday run of the mill PNR. The combination of Rowan and Clive together is what kept me reading the most, just waiting for them to meet again. And there were some very interesting secondary characters such as Clive, the scribe taxi driver who fills his cab with stuffed dead animals. And there are dust devils which were really cool. I thoroughly enjoyed Goddess with a Blade and I recommend it. Furthermore, should this become a series, I would certainly read the next installment!