Sins of the Flesh

Sins of the Flesh - Eve Silver Originally posted at WickedLilPixie Reviews
Malthus Krayl is one of four sons of Sutekh. Sutekh is also known as Seth, Seteh and even Lord of Evil. He is described as the Underworld überlord of chaos. Mal and his brothers are soul reapers, well, his 2 other brothers Dagan and Alastor are because they are still alive. His 3rd brother Lokan was skinned and butchered, beginning the Otherkin trilogy with Sins of the Heart. In Sins of the Flesh, Dagan, Alastor and Mal continue their search to find out the Who, How, and Why of Lokan’s murder and to seek revenge. Caliope Kane is part of the Asetian Guard and a Daughter of Aset, sworn enemy of Sutekh. Thousands of years ago Sutekh hacked Aset’s husband, Osiris, into fourteen pieces – seven for each of the two regions of Egypt. As you can imagine, the hatred and tension between the two Egyptian Gods and their followers has manifested and grown all the way to present day. Mal and Caliope meet while on a similar mission, intending to kidnap the same person, but for opposing teams (Son of Sutekh versus Daughter of Aset). The result of this meeting is nothing short of explosive.

Sins of the Flesh is the third book in Eve Silver’s Otherkin trilogy, and it is quite possibly my favorite of the three. The trilogy itself is heavily based on Egyptian mythology which already appealed to me before picking it up and succeeded in keeping me glued to the pages. As with the previous two books, Ms. Silver uses quotes from The Egyptian Book of the Dead at each chapter, and it gives the story such a nice extra boost of authenticity to the fantasy. There is Egyptian myth and gods galore, with appearances by Horus and Anubis, to name a few. The journey takes us to Egypt and the River Styx, and the action and suspense never let up providing a highly entertaining ride. In addition, the love story simmers and slowly builds at a comfortable pace and it results in a hot romance. I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about Caliope as the heroine of this novel, as we’d met her previously as Roxy’s mentor in the Asetian Guard. I am not usually a fan of a love story in which the heroine already has a major “hate-on” for the hero’s species (in this case the soul reapers – mortal enemy to her kind) and boy does Caliope have a huge one. To my pleasant surprise, I thought Caliope was so awesome. She was this cold, calculating, balls-out fighter with a strong sense of character who completely throws Mal for a loop (and beats his ass). And he eats it up with relish…

She’d stabbed him. She’d fucking pinned him to the wall like a bug. She’d fed from him and used his own blood and power against him. He hadn’t seen that coming. He was both affronted by-and admiring of-her resourcefulness. Calliope Kane had brass ones the size of cantaloupes. – pg 69

In summary, this book was so damn good! It was one of those where you get to the final paragraph on the last page and you do a fist pump, happy with the way it ended. Yet at the same time you can’t wait to find out what happens next! I had no idea how the end of the trilogy was going to play out, where the betrayal truly lied, who really was responsible for murdering Lokan Kray. We get closure and finally find out who dunnit, but there are new events that arise giving us more for future novels. Fortunately, even though this is a trilogy in the sense that the overall arc is resolved by the end of this book, there IS a fourth book coming out called Body of Sin! Here is the Otherkin trilogy reading order for your convenience. Pick this series up, people. It’s a striking and unique take on Paranormal Romance!

Sins of the Heart
Sins of the Soul
Sins of the Flesh
Body of Sin – 9/2011