Rebel - Zoe Archer Originally posted at WickedLilPixie Reviews

Nathan Lesperance comes from a world of being an Outsider in every way. Taken from his Native people as a child, raised in white society yet never being accepted socially in that society would have beaten down anyone. But not Nathan. He shows them all by becoming the only Indian lawyer in Victoria, often taking pro bono cases by the minorities who would otherwise have no representation. Nathan has always known he was different on the outside, but could only guess that he was different on the inside as well. The minute he enters the Northwest territory, and meets the enigmatic Astrid Bramfield, the land immediately calls to him and his yet to be tapped magic.

Rebel is the third book in Zoë Archer’s Blades of the Rose series, and is my favorite of the the three so far. The mysticism and harsh cruelty of Northwest Americas landscape was beautifully done. The mountains and forests and devastating cold was easy to imagine as the story played out and their journey took them across the unforgiving landscapes. And Nathan… Sigh… Nathan. Here is a man who has never fit in anywhere, but has gone out of his way to shove it right back in to the white peoples faces by becoming part of their own legal system. He is fascinatingly complex in intellect and unlike any man Astrid has ever seen. He has survived a solitary life and unimaginable loneliness, and in Astrid he finds an instant jolt of awareness. The reaction is mutual and at first sight they are instantly enamored with one another. I was so pleased that I not only connected with each the hero and the heroine, but watching them both grow and discover themselves was rewarding. I smiled a LOT during this book, as cheesey as that sounds. There are so many tender moments to offset some very harsh realities that must be faced.

Rebel is a captivating story filled with wonderful and dramatic conflict and major action and suspense from start to finish. I was pleasantly surprised to discover what Nathan’s magic was, and was very enraptured by his pursuit to discover himself, and also his pursuit to win Astrid’s heart. There was no question that Astrid would be able to run from him even if she physically could have. Their adventure together includes a slide down mountains, fight with animals made of bone and ice, climb huge trees, hike through miles of caves… the adventure truly never stops and neither does the love story. There are shifters of all varieties, landscapes of all kinds, and even zombies. This book just keeps bringing it!

By now we have gotten to know Cattulus Graves quite well over the last three books, and his genius inventions. He plays a larger role in this book than the previous ones, and you cannot help but be truly enamored with him. Some of the most heartbreaking parts for me had to do with Cattalus and his loneliness. I cannot wait to read Stranger in which we finally get his book.

I really enjoyed Warrior, and Scoundrel was good, but Rebel? I feel like it was “my book”. Everything about it called out to me and gave me what I need in a perfect suspense, action, romance with paranormal aspects and some history in there, also some steampunk genre. This book is a nice mashup of winning qualities of a lot of different genres and you just can’t go wrong with it! I can’t wait to read the fourth and final Blades of the Rose book, Stranger, but it has a tough act to follow with this one. You do not need to have read the previous two books to appreciate this one. The Blades of the Rose series reading order: