Stocking Full of Coal

Stocking Full of Coal - Amanda Feral Review posted at:
Wow. Just… wow. This is my first Amanda Feral experience and I have to say that I have to read all her books now.
Justine Crenshaw is accident-prone. Wellll, at least to the outside person she appears to be accident-prone. What is really going on is a bit more complex that that. Justine feels compelled to bruise herself intentionally. You might be familiar with a phenomenon called “cutting” in which someone feels release or relief from the injury they inflict upon themselves. Amanda’s obsession with bruising to me felt along the same lines and I found her pathology fascinating!
This book was right the hell up my alley. You have a flawed oddball heroine who is fulfilling her own needs by bruising herself. Lately, BDSM for me is being beaten to death (oh! a pun!) in a lot of chicklit books, and this was such a fresh take on it! Justine feels the bruising makes her whole and the pleasure and pain of the “accidental bruising” have become a part of her sexuality. Enter a sexy man named Nathan who does not take off running when she entrusts him with her dirty secrets, and you have one hot little story on your hands! You will cringe. You will definitely squirm. You will find yourself empathizing with a character you never thought you would. You will probably wonder what the hell you just read when you are done… because you can’t describe why you enjoyed it so much at first. And then you can thank us for recommending it to you!