Geist - Philippa Ballantine Sorcha Farris is arguably the strongest Active within The Order, acting as the magical tank of a bonded duo in a fight against the geists from the Otherworld. After Sorcha’s husband of 8 years gets critically injured and cannot work as her complimenting magical seeing Sensitive, the other half of her bonded duo. Discarding protocol, the head of the Order assigns her with a new Sensitive partner, Merrick Chambers, and they are immediately sent on a new mission that takes them to the northeast coast. Not shortly after they embark on their journey they immediately come under attack, and eventually run in to a cursed fugitive pirate and his crew. And that’s just the beginning…

This is one of those books that I went crazy for while I was reading it. I have finally found a Fantasy series that pulled me in and had me walking away feeling completely blown away. Geist is so magnificently creative, fantastically carved, and I fell in love with the multi-dimensional characters. I immediately went on to buy Spectyr when this was over, but then promised myself I would not read on until I wrote this review first.

Geist is massively engaging. The incredibly imaginative world building, along with the protagonist were so blazingly entertaining. The most remarkable for me where the three main characters: Sorcha, Raed and Merrick. Sorcha is an amazingly human character in a fantasy story. She is so jaded, cynical and proud. She experiences real human and imperfect emotions that we can all relate to. Sometimes I would cringe for her over how arrogant and condescending she came across, but I loved her in spite of it because I felt I understood her. She is socially stupid! But she has a huge heart, and discovering that was so touching. I loved her cigar addiction, it was just one of those things where I totally felt connected with her. It also helped to “get” Sorcha because of the chemistry between her and Merrick and Raed. They are somehow able to see past what she blurts out and translate her to us as they all learn more and more about how the Active:Sensitive bond works. I enjoyed the dialog between the characters so much I was completely lost in the world of Arkaym and The Order. The descriptions are so vivid, the action is packed on the page and it never stops, this book took my imagination on a crazy wild journey.

OK! I’m off to start Spectyr, book 2 of Book of the Order!