Magic at the Gate

Magic at the Gate - Devon Monk Originally posted at WickedLilPixie Reviews
Disclaimer: This review assumes you have read the first 4 books of the Allie Beckstrom series and does not offer spoilers provided you are up to speed with the series to this point.
Magic at the Gate is the 5th book in Devon Monk’s Allie Beckstrom Urban Fantasy series. It picks up right where the 4th book Magic in the Shadows left off with one heck of a cliffhanger ending. Allie, Stone the gargoyle, and Allie’s father Daniel head through the gate and in to death’s realm to find Zayvion’s soul. In order to save his soul and bring him back from death’s realm, Allie must strike a deal with someone she in no way trusts. Now that the Authority (ancient magical police) has been been effectively disbanded, Allie along with the other remaining members, must deal with those who have violently rebelled.

The beginning of Magic at the Gate was a little slow-paced compared to the previous books in the series, especially after such a dramatic cliffhanger ending in the fourth book. There was the same mesmerizing world building I’ve come to expect of the series, and the character growth of the secondary characters was fantastic. Can I just tell you how much I looove Shame?! He is book boyfriend material, people, and you get lots of him in this one. I truly felt like Shame stole every scene he was in. And Stone the gargoyle is undeniably endearing. The two of them provide some great comedic relief in an otherwise bleak storyline. At this point in the series we are really seeing a different Allie than from the start of the series, she has grown vastly as a character and her strength and humor are addictive. Sadly, with Zayvion’s absence through a large part of the book, the missing component between Allie and Zayvion was definitely felt. Overall, it was not as exciting as the previous two books, but it was still up to par with what I hoped for. While there was some major action in the last third of the book I constantly felt like I was waiting for something really bad to happen. It kept me on my seat with anticipation and one thing is clear… there are definitely bigger battles and harder times coming!

I do not recommended reading this book as a stand-alone novel. There are major events that happen in the first four books that are vital to the storyline in Magic at the Gate. That being said, this is a fantastic series and definitely has my excited recommendation to Urban Fantasy fans. There are a lot of really well thought out magical elements that make up the dark and gritty worlds Ms Monk creates. The series is seriously addictive, and I guarantee you once you pick it up, you’ll storm through all of the books… just like I did! Enjoy!

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