Bayou Moon

Bayou Moon - Ilona Andrews Originally posted at WickedLilPixie Reviews
Bayou Moon is the second book in the The Edge series by the fantastic writing duo Ilona Andrews. We met our hero, William Wolf, in the first book of the series On The Edge. He thought he had his forever dream to have a family at the tips of his fingers in Rose, but his love was requitted when she chose his former best friend over him. In Bayou Moon we find him living the life of a hermit in the Edge — the border between the Weird (land of magic) — and the Broken (no magic land) — hiding from the world and somewhat moping. What?! He is totally moping! But then… members of the Mirror, the Weird’s secret service, pay him a visit and give him an order to find an elusive journal, and also the opportunity to find his longtime nemesis The Spider. The lure of finding and facing The Spider once again is too great to pass up. William finds himself on a long journey to the Mire, a swamp land in the Edge. Here, he meets Cherise Mar, who is far more involved in his original task than he could have imagined.

This is one of those books where I had high hopes for the heroine Cherise and hero William but I never made a full connection with either of them. It may have had to do with the fact that Cherise had so many family members they were coming out of her ears. The ginormous Mar family is a land rich but money poor family living in the Mire and there were so many of them I got distracted. Additionally, I fell in love with William Wolf in the first book and though I still admired him in Bayou Moon, the ending regarding their HEA felt contrived and fell flat for me. I came away thinking more about the villains than I did the heroine and hero. With this being said, The Spider and his group of made-villains called the Hand are seriously horrifying and fantastically done! The imagination that went in to building these characters is simply superb. Simply put, The Spider creates his team of villains by grafting them with the healing and super powers of plants and the end result is not only smelly, and seemingly indestructible, but really deeply disturbing. I am shivering right now thinking about them. So creepy!

In summary, even though I was disappointed that I didn’t fully click with the heroine and hero, I still enjoyed this book tremendously. All the original world building that I come to expect from Ilona Andrews was there in droves, and some of the secondary characters that were introduced were very compelling. The plot was meatier than the first book, and it will filled with action and suspense. I look forward to seeing what lies ahead in future books in this series!