Killbox - Ann Aguirre Originally posted at WickedLilPixie Reviews

One of the reasons that I prefer Urban Fantasy, and now Science Fiction Romance, series to stand-alone novels is because if they are done correctly, you get to experience and enjoy the growth of the heroine throughout the duration of the novels. The Sirantha Jax series is a spectacular example of this! It has become one of my most favorite series to look forward to.

Killbox is the fourth book in the “Jax” series and boy, did this book deliver. We find our heroine Sirantha “Jax” through with her gig as an ambassador for the Conglomerate Ithiss Torr, and she’s ready to get back to her roots: jumping in grimspace and overall kicking ass. But along with her new position of power, March has been made a new commander of the Conglomerate Armada. He and Jax must now recruit pirate ships and whomever else they can get to fight on the side of the Conglomerate against the horrifying flesh-eating Morgut. The war has begun between the two forces, and the Conglomerate are desperately outnumbered.

I have to say that while I love Jax and March together as the heroine/hero, my favorite character in the series is actually a secondary character, Vel. What I found most compelling in the last book, and even more so in Killbox, is the connection that Jax and Vel have. He is so heroic and loyal and noble… he and Jax have such an intense relationship that you wonder if Vel is not giving March a run for his money in the romantic relationship area. What is crazy for my sick little mind to wrap around, and I know I’m not alone in this, is that Vel is a Bug. Yes, he is a Bug who wears a human facade to make others more comfortable. Ms. Aguirre drops several hints that even Jax herself is confused by their deep connection; it is undeniable. This is science fiction romance at its best, people!

In this fourth book we see a much more mature and selfless Jax. The first three books in the series have focused more on her point of vies, but with this book even though it is still from her POV she really gets a good grasp on her place in the future of the Conglomerate. To have started out as such a frustratingly selfish character in the first book, Grimspace, she has become a truly selfless character. She places herself right smack in front of danger to save those she has become loyal to and doesn’t ever second guess her actions. As with the previous books, this story is dark. War is going on, and the outlook through the book is grim. I sat on the edge of my seat biting my nails through the entire book, no exaggeration. Death and emotional loss are very real components of this war for the universe.

I will warn readers ahead of time that this book ends in a major cliffhanger. One that will make you crazy. It is no surprise, then, that I am chomping at the bit for fifth installment, Aftermath, not out until September, 2011. A year from now! I’m dying! If you have not started this series, get on it. This series cannot be read out of order, so be sure to start with Grimspace (previously reviewed in September).

Aftermath – 9.2011
Endgame – 9.2012