Wicked Enchantment

Wicked Enchantment - Anya Bast Originally posted at WickedLilPixie Reviews

Dark and mysterious Gabriel MacBride arrives to the Rose Court of the Seelie seemingly to defect from the Black Court of the Unseelie. The Summer Queen assigns Aislinn Finvarra to be his tour guide for the week to show him around and make him comfortable in the court while she makes her decision of granting him amnesty. We soon learn that Gabriel has been ordered by the Unseelie King to convince Aislinn to defect to the Dark Seelie side, but she must do it by her own choice.

The Good? If you are a fan of Sidhe fantasy romance books involving the Seelie and Unseelie courts, Wicked Enchantment is a good option. We get elements of the Great Hunt, and sluagh, magical books, relics and language. There is a nice fantasy world created between the Light Seelie court and the Dark Unseelie Court. There are some nice secondary characters with great names, too.

The Bad… There really isn’t much of anything new in Wicked Enchantment as far as characters or plot, and the story played out pretty predictably. The emotional development of the main characters is lacking, which in turn made the smexy scenes lacking for me as well. I found myself giggling through some of adult-rated scenes over the author’s obsession with the adjective “pouty”, repeatedly used to describe a part of the heroine’s private area.

The Verdict: Wicked Enchantment was entertaining enough to keep me engaged, and it did grow on me about three quarters in. The romance story was nice, if predictable, and it’s a good light escape novel. The overall world building and secondary characters kept me involved. I will be reading the second book in the series, Cruel Enchantment, to see what happens next (and see if I like it better). If you pick this up, you will probably enjoy it, just keep your expectations on the lower side.