Archangel's Consort

Archangel's Consort   - Nalini Singh Originally posted at WickedLilPixie Reviews
Ohhhh, Archangel’s Consort. Where do I start? I have fawned over the cover for a long time, counted down the days for your release since I finished with Archangel’s Kiss. I don’t want to say that I am completely disappointed, but it didn’t live fully up to my expectations.

The Bad: The “Archangel“/”Hunter” call-and-answer between Raphael and Elena every other page drove me bananas. This call-and-answer happened so many time throughout the first half of the book that I was smacking my own self in frustration. I cannot imagine communicating with my husband like that! It would go something like this… Me: “IT Director” DH: “ProgramManager“. Yes, I get it, this is a fantasy world, but come on! Raphael and Elena are beautiful names! You don’t have to use them all the time, you can have pet names, but not every other page. Please! Also, the first part of the book I really struggled to stay engaged. I just didn’t know where the overall plot was going and I still can’t really tell you. The first two books of the series I found to be so very fast-paced, so this was a stark contrast to what I’d expected. We learn more about Raphael’s mother and how her “re-awakening” might be behind some frightening and erratic behavior among other members of the Cadre. She might also be behind the murders of vampires & people, including two children. But she might not be the most terrible monster in this story, because remember the monster from the last book still exists…

The Good: Nalini Singh is a masterful world builder and fantasy character creator. The images she creates of Raphael and his Seven, the beauty of their wings and bodies, all the different colors and and vivid imagery are superb and unmatched. We get more of Dmitri and the Seven and each character is so different and unique physically and temperamentally. I feel as though I am with Elena as she struggles to get better at using her wings. I love her growing determination and insistence to not allow Raphael plow right over her with his demands. When Elena and Raphael finally “dance”, that is just magnificently hot. We see Raphael and Elena’s relationship mature as they learn to give and take. Elena flexes her muscles and demands Raphael treat her not as a weakling to be ordered around but as an equal. This is one of my favorite “ohhh snap!” moments, where big arrogant badass Archangel Raphael gets told:

“I’m marking out a piece of the house as my own territory.”

A cool pause. “I will not allow you to put distance between us, Elena.”

She’d seen that one coming, was more than ready to handle it. “I need a place where I can slam the door in your face when I’m mad. I’m pretty sure both of us would prefer that place be here and not elsewhere.”

All in all, I consider this a lull in the overall series but am definitely not discouraged from the series at all. You know I will still be counting down the days for the next book, Archangel’s Blade due out later this year, and will probably squee when the cover is released too, if it’s anything as gorgeous as this one. I definitely do not recommend reading this book standalone. If anything because the first two books (Angels’ Blood & Archangel’s Kiss) are so much better, but also because there is too much backstory you’ll miss to follow this.