On the Edge

On the Edge -  Ilona Andrews Originally posted at WickedLilPixie Reviews
On The Edge is the first book in the The Edge series by the writing duo Ilona Andrews. Rose Dalton and her two younger brothers, Jack and Georgie, live in a magically touched area called the Edge. The Edge is nestled between our world, the Broken, and the super magical world of the Weird. Rose is barely getting by with her under-the-table job, trying to provide for the three of them, with their mother long dead and their father long deserting them. Rose and her two brothers have unusual magical talents mostly unheard of in the Edge, and they try to stay off the radar and keep to themselves. But that all comes to an end when strange happenings have started to occur in the Edge and a blueblood sent from the Weird strikes a deal with Rose.

I picked up the Kate Daniels series earlier this year, also by Ilona Andrews, and it quickly became one of my favorite Urban Fantasy series of all time. With the release of the second book in The Edge series this week, Bayou Moon, I felt it was definitely time to pick up On The Edge. With that being said, this book is exactly what you would hope for and expect from the awesome writing duo of Gordon and Ilona Andrews. This book is about a 50/50 split of Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy. It is also not narrated in first-person, which seems to be almost unheard of in Urban Fantasy, though it follows the heroine Rose predominantly.

The world building, because there are three very different but tied together worlds, could have really bombed and become a mess. I was concerned I was going to get confused with how the three realms existed and worked, but Ilona Andrews provides a very clear understanding of what things mean and how they work without providing huge information dumps. Also, comic book and anime friends will love to hear that there are references to Inu-Yasha, the Green Arrow, and DC Direct Action Figures. Hello, geekdom! Love it. On The Edge is darkly humorous, fun, and enthralling. The character development is excellent and expanded beyond just the primary characters, with some fantastic secondary characters. If you like your urban fantasy stories with more romance in them, this is definitely the book and series for you. I cannot wait to pick up the second in the series, Bayou Moon, out this week!