Stormwalker - Allyson James Originally posted at WickedLilPixie Reviews

Stormwalker is the first book in Allyson James’s new Stormwalker series and it was such a pleasant surprise! I was hooked from the first page. The book and series follow Janet Begay, a Half Navajo Stormwalker, who has special abilities and powers tied with the constant storms that move past her small town. She controls the elements that make up storms: lightning, rain, flooding, a power that can overwhelm her without the help of her former boyfriend, Mick, who is able to ground her. She finds herself in Magellan, AZ renovating an old hotel near the Navajo Nation where she was raised. She moved to the small town to assist in the investigation of the disappearance of the Police Chief’s daughter. Things start to go really wonky when her ex boyfriend Mick finds her, her mother (the goddess of Beneath) continues to entice her to join her evil forces, and the mystery of the PC’s daughter’s disappearance unravels.

I love the Native American (Diné) mythology that is tied in with the characters and storyline. Janet is a really strong heroin from the get-go, but the secondary characters are just as strong and compelling. The skin-walkers and how they are portrayed as nasty ugly rotting things are different from any other book I’ve read. The star of the book in my opinion is the lecherous magic mirror! He steals every scene he is in! And Coyote, a Native American trickster god, is also front and center in the story and he is a great addition to the magical cast. Then there is Sheriff Nash who is über rigid and determined to be an unbeliever, you just have to love him no matter how much trouble he makes for Janet. Janet’s ex-boyfriend, Mick, is determined to rekindle their relationship and is smokin hot. The tension between the two is fantastic. He is a very powerful magic user, but for most of the book Janet doesn’t know what kind. I love how much we discover about him, he is a very yummy alpha male hero, just the way I like ‘em!

Stormwalker is a fun debut to a series I definitely will keep reading. The full cast of characters are wonderfully dimensional and the heavy Diné lore is well-done. The plot itself could have been stronger, there was not anything really new in the who-dun-it department, but the mystery and drama were still plentiful. The awesome characters and fantastic world-building most definitely left me wanting more! I am immediately moving on to the second book in the series, Firewalker, to see what happens next.