Sin Undone

Sin Undone - Larissa Ione Originally posted at WickedLilPixie Reviews
I have tried my best to keep this review spoiler-free since the book has not been released yet.

My expectations for Sin Undone, the 5th novel in the Demonica series, were really high after we met Sin in the last Demonica book. I am pleased to say that I loved it and it met my expectations completely. Larissa Ione has done a fantastic job at building this series over the past 4 Demonica books, and this is the first time in the series where the Seminus demon we’re mainly following is female, the only Seminus demon female ever born, and it was a refreshing change. Sinead “Sin” Donnelly is the ultimate Paranormal Romance Heroine.

Sin Undone picks up right where Ecstacy Unveiled leaves off. Sin, who we’ve met previously as Lore’s sister and half-sister to the other Seminus demons at Underworld General Hospital, has spent decades doing others’ bidding and has now found herself as a Master Assassin. Her deadly innate ability has gone wrong during a botched assassination job unintentionally creating a lethal new worg virus. This virus appropriately named “Sin Fever” is fast acting, spreading quickly, and has caught the attention of the Worg Council, adding fuel to a long existing tension fire between the born-worgs and turned-worgs.

Connall “Con” Dearghul, paramedic at Underworld General, walks a delicate line biologically and politically as a dhampire, half-worg and half-vampire. He is tasked by Eidolon to work with Sin to try and create a vaccine for SF, but at the same time he is charged with bringing Sin in by the Warg Council to face punishment for causing the virus. After a brief intimate encounter previously between Sin and Con, the experience has left Con hungering for her blood and body. Sin and Con must work together to end this plague, while they are determined to resist each other and the need and attraction that has blossomed. Fans of the series will be so happy to hear that we see a lot of the Seminus demon brothers Eidolon, Shade, Wraith, Lore as well as the awesome Tayla too. We might see a nice side story with Luc as well.

I already was quite fond of Sin when we were previously introduced to her, but this book solidified the fact that Sin is one of my favorite PNR heroines of 2010. Ms. Ione did a stellar job giving us the same unapologetic hardass we met previously, all the while showing glimpses of the mushy core inside she tries so desperately to protect from getting smooshed. She is just the kind of bitch I’d secretly love to be, but without all the pesky consequences. In effect this made me care about her all the more when we see just how vulnerable she truly is, as she witnesses the widespread devastation she is ultimately responsible for. With Sin being the only female Seminus demon in existence, we get a very different point of view than previous books and it makes for an interesting story with how she has handled her Seminus needs for survival. We learn more about her past experiences and it is nothing short of gut-wrenching. My heart hurt for Sin several times, she is just so thoroughly likeable despite herself. Throw in the hot dhampire Con who just can’t seem to get enough of her despite himself, and the outcome is nothing short of explosive. Sin and Con have all the chemistry needed to give you one smoking hot read.

The Demonica series is so popular for very good reason. It has all the essential elements required for the perfect PNR series. The original world Ms. Ione has created centering around Underworld General, the demon hospital that turns away no underworld being, is so imaginative. The variety of supernatural species we are meet and how they interact with one another is unique and creative, and while the plot does focus around an incredibly hot romantic relationship, there are so many other events going on that it takes you for a wild ride. True to the series, Sin Undone is not cluttered with repetitiveness, unnecessary descriptions, or recaps from the previous books. You get great fast paced drama from start to finish. The series is extremely erotic and the sexual encounters are hot and fresh. Creative supernatural world, strong multi-dimensional characters, clever plot, intriguing side stories, and hot sex. What more can you ask for in a Paranormal Romance series?

New to the Demonica series? I would never discourage anyone from reading Sin Undone, as it can be read as a stand-alone novel because it is that good. However, to really get the full experience of this book, I strongly advise interested readers to start at the beginning of the series with Pleasure Unbound, then Desire Unchained, Passion Unleashed, and Ecstasy Unveiled. You will thank me for recommending this series to you, so ahead of time I say: “You’re welcome!”