Blue Diablo

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Anyone who follows me on Twitter or has seen my previous reviews knows what a huge fan of Ann Aguirre I am. Her “Jax” series is one of my alltime favorites, and I love her writing as Ava Gray. So, it is understandable that my expectations for Blue Diablo, the first novel in her UF Corine Solomon series, were pretty high. I am pleased to say my expectations were met once again by Ms. Aguirre.

Blue Diablo moves along at a very quick pace and is brimming with non-stop action. There is a fantastic plot twist with one of the characters that is a great touch to the story. This book has multi-dimensional characters that include warlocks, religious zealots, wizards, clairvoyants, empaths, hermetic scholars, former arms dealers, drug cartels, and maybe a prostitute here and there. Corine herself is a “handler” – she can handle items and voluntarily see where the item has been, and also where it is going. This gift, however, has a very painful price. Her ex-boyfriend hunts her down and seeks her help with solving a mystery that is very close to them both. There is some juicy sexual tension but it’s certainly not the main focus of the plot, story, or series.

As our heroine Corine is told once or twice in Blue Diablo, she has a mean-streak, and boyyy, does she. And I loved it. I enjoyed her snark without the whiney woe-is-me poppycock. She has taken control over her life and tells people where they stand in it. There is one part where I gasped and thought “I caaaan’t belieeeve she did that!” Ann Aguirre’s excellent character building still had me empathizing with some of the things Corine is compelled to do or say, even if it seems really cold-hearted initially. That is how well her character is written. Comedic relief, and there is not much, is provided in the form of Chuch and his wife Eva. They are awesome secondary characters and will immediately endear you to them. There are other very strong and enchanting secondary characters that make up a great cast you look forward to seeing in the books to come. Something else to note that was a nice touch is that each chapter has a title, not a number. It helped the flow of the book and gave it a nice feel that added value to the overall story.

Blue Diablo is a solid debut for an Urban Fantasy series. The Corine Solomon series is set to be a 5 book series. The next book in the Corine Solomon series is Hell Fire and I very much look forward to reading it! Shady Lady will be out in April of this year.

Blue Diablo
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