The Mane Event

The Mane Event - Shelly Laurenston Originally posted at WickedLilPixie Reviews
The Mane Event is the first book in Shelly Laurenston’s Pride series, and it grabbed me by the mane and didn’t let go. Did I just really write that? Well, I’m keeping it, it’s true and it’s no mystery how dorky I am so it stays. Everyone told me when they first learned I was starting this book that this series is so funny and I quickly discovered that it sure is!

What I didn’t know before starting (I don’t read blurbs) is that this book is actually two related stories in one. The first half of the book is between Desiree “Dez” and Mace. The dialog and narrative between the hero and heroine, as well as the secondary characters is sharp and witty. The sexual tension between the hero and heroine begins in the first few pages and it is strong and never fades, even once the h/h finally submit to their primal needs (hello, spoiler alert, the hero and heroine have sex. I repeat, they have sex). BUT I DIGRESS. This book is hot, entertaining, and funny. Could you ask for more? Desiree (Dez) is now a NYC cop from the Bronx and is taking care of business for herself as a career woman who also works with police dogs. I was immediately captivated by Desiree’s quick sassy narrative right off the bat! She killllllllllled me.

Maybe God would decide to smile down on her and she’d be able to piss off Missy so much the woman would do something stupid. Oh, if Missy would only hit her. Then Dez could handcuff the bitch and dump her butt in a holding cell for a few hours. Maybe the hookers would make her cry. Like she made Dez cry all those years ago on that muggy late-August day. pg 21

And Mace is exactly what you would expect a Lion shifter would be. He’s patient, determined, playful and extremely protective over what he has claimed as his. And he purrs. Hello! Hot!

This is a tail (ah! you can’t stop me!) of an adult version of Romeo and Juliet: Boy Meets Girl at 14. They immediately become infatuated with each other. Boy’s sisters gang up on girl and make her feel like the turd of a bug they’ve just squashed under their shoe and run her off. But surprise! Boy and Girl don’t kill themselves in this tail (ha! I did it again!), their paths cross once more and this time Boy (now smokin hot werelion) is claiming what he has always wanted: Girl. But Boy’s family is still there, still trying to keep him away from the girl – how will they overcome their challenges without one of them dying?? They have lots of sex.

The second half of the book is about secondary characters we met in the first half, Brendon Shaw and Ronnie Lee. I loved this story!! Basically Ronnie is part of the wolf pack that rescues Shaw, a werelion from a beat-down from his fellow lions, and the instant he sees (and smells) Ronnie he is smitten. Due to the violence if getting beat the hell up, Shaw succumbs to a “fever” which makes shifters extremely horny. Of course, Ronnie is in the line of fire for THAT, stuck with taking care of him while he makes it through the fever, and the story goes on from there. The banter between Brendon and Ronnie had me in stitches and I felt there was more of a “plot” in this one than in the first half, although both stories somewhat come together nicely. One of my favorite exchanges between Shaw and Ronnie where Shaw is trying to convince Ronnie that a wolf and lion can be mated:

Shaw rolled his eyes. “Don’t tell me you believe that breedist bullshit. Just because two different breeds mate doesn’t mean-”

She had her wallet out and her pictures unfurled before he could even finish. “One summer we stayed with Sissy Mae’s cousins in North Carolina. Momma Smith’s Pack, daddy’s a black leopard. This is their daughter when shifted.”

Ronnie handed Shaw the picture of her, Sissy Mae, and her cousin lounging around many years ago after the Fourth of July family hunt.

Shaw jerked back. “Christ.”

“Yeah. Exactly. Do you think that snaggle tooth is attractive?” pg 256

My MANE (ha!) issue with this book comes from the first story – there was too much boinking! I thought so many times “oh god they’re sexing AGAIN?” I’ve never had a book where I am like, “good grief he is not a werecat, he’s a werebunny”. There was a plot kinda in there, but it was pretty much the hero grabbing the heroine (yes, it was hot) and bonking her at every single opportunity he could until he made her say that horrifying phrase “I love you.” It became excessive and I started skimming some of the sex scenes. But the second story definitely gave me more meat (can’t stop me!) where there was hot smokin tension and smex but there was more story to it and again, the banter between all the characters had me giggling profusely. It was a nice balance, I suppose, because I loved the hero and heroine of the first story more than the second, but the actual story of the second more than the first.

In summary, I enjoyed this book as much as everyone told me that I would, in that it has great characters and the humor is so witty with just the right amount of snark without being mean-spirited. Since it is the first book in the series and I know some things usually have to be worked out, I will definitely read the next installment and hope for mayyyyybe a little more plot.

Pride series reading order:

The Mane Event
The Beast in Him
The Mane Attraction
The Mane Squeeze
Beast Behaving Badly
Big Bad Beast