Atlantis Rising

Atlantis Rising - Alyssa Day ShortNSweet: This book started off strong for me, I enjoyed the worldbuilding and mythology of Atlantis, the alpha men, and the SCARY ass villain of Poseidon & the Atlanteans. BUT. The heroine drove me bananas. She was constantly using the terms "buster" and "buddy" in her tough talk and it was beyond off-putting. Somewhere in the middle of the book the story fizzled for me and there was a lot of unnecessary filler. The other Seven (secondary alphas) did interest me enough to give the second book a chance. I'd give the series another go for sure, but the bottom line is THIS book was a case of the heroine being immature and smack-worthy for me and I couldn't get past it. NOBODY actually says "Listen up, buster!" or "I'll have you know, buddy", "don't mess with me, mister!" ... Blarggurgle. Solid 3 stars.