Dead in the Family

Dead in the Family - Charlaine Harris I consider myself a Sookie Stackhouse Fangirl, so it is with a heavy heart i write this review. I give it 3 stars...

The only thing that saved it from 2 stars was the last quarter of the book where there seemed to be a flow (finally!) of characters and storyline.

This book should have been condensed to a short story in an anthology. Not a stand-alone novel fluffed with unnecessary narration. It was not as unmemorable as the last novel in the series, Dead and Gone, but this was definitely not the novel I'd been hoping & waiting for over the past year. Quality is definitely better than quantity, and this is the third book in a row that demonstrates Ms Harris is just churning out books that have lost the magic. I still have hope the magic will return, but I can't help but be truly disappointed... Again.