Impulse - Moira Rogers Impulse is the fifth book in Moira Rogers Southern Arcana series, and all the components one expects from this series are present.

Sera Sinclaire is New Orleans' lone submissive coyote, surrounded by dominant shapeshifters of all kinds, who would love to make her theirs, if only temporarily. Her submissive nature is absolutely necessary to help sooth all the discomforts that come with being so very alpha. Julio Mendoza is the ultimate hot alpha male, so dominant that he has earned himself a seat on the Southeast council. He needs what Sera has, even if he doesn't want to take it. So when the two of them decide to take a road trip together, the sparks are already flying off the pages.

Impulse is sexy and fun, a little lighter, I felt, than the previous books. There was not a lot of internal conflict, as the hero and heroine were wayyyyy in to one another by the time Impulse starts. That led for some smoldering sex scenes right off the bat. We've watched Sera and Julio interact previously, and I thoroughly enjoyed them coming together. Moira Rogers does a fantastic job writing the ultimate hot alpha male. Julio is the most alpha, and Sera is the most submissive, and together they made hot smexy times. It's the perfect partnering and I enjoyed every hot steamy scene.

The external conflict was pretty awesome, I love the politics and regime changes that are continuously going on. The series setting has become pretty complex, and kept my interest up, especially waiting to see when Sera's ex-husband would pounce in to the scenario. Because of the extensive world building and characters that have been developed over the previous 4 books, Impulse *could* be read standalone, but I really really recommend your starting from the beginning. Pick this series up for a consistently smokin hot time!