Deep Dark Secret

Deep Dark Secret - Sierra Dean Secret McQueen is back in her Jimmy Choos, and kicking major ass, y’all!

After the events of the previous book, Something Secret This Way Comes, Secret has earned herself a seat on the vampire Tribunal. She has staked and clawed her way to the top, proving she is the biggest baddest b!tch on the block. She is also trying to learn all the social nuances of her role of pack protector, and also consort to Lucas, King of the Eastern wolf pack. As a she tries to balance herself in the world of vampires and the world of werewolves, Secret seemingly rolls with the punches. Likewise, while she is bonded to Lucas, she is also bonded to Desmond, whom she lives with and loves.

While Secret is investigating a missing niece of the Were-Ocelot Queen as a favor, she is called upon by a man from her past, a former boyfriend. He’s been arrested and is being charged with the murder of a college student. His case and the favor she is repaying collide and result in major tension, action, mystery, and Secret trademarked humor on the side.

Deep Dark Secret had me going “You SUCK, Lucas!” very often. For me, Lucas takes assholery to the asholleryith degree in this one, and Secretgoddammit allows him. She is an assholery enabler! *shakes fist* It made me want to kick him in the nuts, and slap her in the face. Affectionately, of course. I’d slap her affectionately. But duuuuude. Also, am I the ONLY ONE who wants her to get with Holden?? I mean I know it’s not really feasible, and she’s got too many men on her plate as it is, but I love him. And he shows some jealousy in this one, and it’s so hot. He is assigned to be her body guard, of sorts, but there was not nearly enough of him. And I definitely could have used more Sig.

The villain in Deep Dark Secret is creepy as hell, ewwwww. And ohmygod I loved how the mystery unfolded. The action and violence were just the way I like ‘em. All in all, the Secret McQueen series is the UF gift that just keeps on giving.
The Secret McQueen series reading order:

Secret Guide to Dating Monsters (.5)
A Bloody Good Secret (1)
Something Secret This Way Comes (2)
Secret Santa (2.5)
Deep Dark Secret (3)