Eye of the Tempest (Jane True, Book 4)

Eye of the Tempest (Jane True, Book 4) - Nicole Peeler Originally posted at WickedLilPixie Reviews
I have been reborn, I thought as I got my shoulders through the hole, but I got caught on my bottom half. And I shall henceforth be known as Hips-Got-Stuck.

Eye of the Tempest, the fourth book in the Jane True series, is what I am deeming straight up Classic Jane True. It is a lot lighter than the previous Jane book, Tempest’s Legacy. While the stakes are high, they are handled with so much humor the high level tension in the previous books is for the most part absent. I spent a good majority of this book giggling my butt off over Jane’s constant cracks over No-Pants-Wearing-Huge-Schlong Caleb, and basically the narration in its entirety. As always, Jane’s libido is in full effect, constantly battling with her virtue. Here is one of my most favorite Jane narration quotes:

Where will you go? I asked her, trying not to smile when she motioned toward the beach quite a ways up the shore. After all, I didn’t want her to think that I was abandoning her—hos before bros and all that—but I did want to ascertain that she’d be well away before I launched my vagoo at Anyan’s face. pg. 40

Our favorite selkie goes on several journeys that are just one funny after another from page to page. From fondling Anyan’s Wolf Challenger Restaurant Range to having a group Shake Weight session with some ancient crystals, this book is so wrong and right. She gets to spend a lot of time with Grizzie and Tracy, Iris, Trill and Nell, and we get to learn a lot more about the edgy blondie, called … Blondie …. because her name is so ridiculous to pronounce. Many times throughout the book I was reminded of a raunchy Scooby Doo gang with the ongoing banter. Did I mention that Caleb has a huge dong and never wears pants? Yeah. Jokes galore. And Ryu is mostly out of the picture in this one which really made me happy because he needed to get gone. I like it when he only is on the phone a couple of times, I think he makes a vocal appearance twice and I may have rolled my eyes both times. Oh and I have to include the next quote because it’s up there with Sea Code, bitch! for me:

And then I finally experienced the stuff about which songs are written: Blondie Supermanned this ho. pg 198

While this Jane True novel changes gears and shows its fluffy side, it is also a setup for some very big events that are coming. But what about Anyan, you ask? I am extremely irritated by what DR. PEELER decided to do with Anyan!! — buuut in a good irritated way, not bad, I promise… she is just a really huge tease. TEASE! I’ll put it this way without spoiling anything: the journey that Jane has to travel is really about figuring things out on her own, facing her greatest fears without her safety nets. With that being said, I am quite pleased with the direction things are going overall. Another great dose of writing that is addictive and engaging, you won’t want to stop once you start. The Jane True Series:

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