Tempest's Legacy (Jane True)

Tempest's Legacy (Jane True) - Nicole Peeler Originally posted at WickedLilPixie Reviews

In anticipation for the release of Tempest’s Legacy, I picked up the first two Jane True books in the series: Tempest Rising and Tracking The Tempest. I found myself completely engaged from the get-go and devoured these books! Since finishing the third Jane True book Tempest’s Legacy, I have really had to sit on writing this review for almost a month so I could think on how to explain why the book knocked my socks off. The truth is, I just loved it and this review will be a gushing of love for the Jane True series, there’s no way around it.

You know you are truly engaged with a series when you feel very passionately about, and for all of the characters. The entire cast of the previous books are here! And Jane True’s first-person narration is so funny and endearing. I really giggled out loud while reading. Her sarcastic and witty inner dialog is hilarious, especially when her libido chimes in. Here is where in my review I was going to put a quote, but I can’t even decide what to place here because I have so many. I don’t want to choose and don’t want to give anything away. This is a very grown up Jane, she has gone through a lot and has absorbed all of it, driving her to identify and become her potential. Her self-confidence has come a very long way, and it’s great to see.

In my attempt at keeping this spoiler-free, I am not going to name names… buuttt one secondary character really really really irritated me and I wanted to smack him/her/it so badly. Smack! On the other hand, another secondary character him/her/it continued to enamor me {bats eyelashes}. A seemingly unlikely romantic interest continues to blossom and the overall tension is pretty intense. Fantastic and entertaining new characters are introduced and I loved them! Of the books thus far, Tempest’s Legacy is definitely the darkest. Darrrk. There are some very macabre things going on in this book that continue the overall storyline… It is gritty, gorey, and jarring! And hellooo there is a character named Fugwat the Spriggen. I giggled over this character’s name multiple times, I may have even tweeted the name with an LOL at one point. Even though he is a total bad guy, his name is Fugwat!! I die! There are also some situations Jane gets herself in to that end up going really not in her favor, but how she gets in to them is laugh out loud funny. There is an event in particular, you’ll know what I mean when you read it, that had me giggling out loud again. Okay I have to stop myself here, because I am going to drop details and I don’t want to ruin it for anyone.

To summarize, the Jane True series is one of my favorites of 2010, and will continue as one of my favorites of 2011, with this release of Tempest’s Legacy. For me, it provides all the components of a solid Urban Fantasy, with the right amount of romance to compliment the story the way I like. This really is one of those true Urban Fantasy series that gets better with each book as we watch all the characters evolve. It is truly unique and imaginative in the world and character building. The Jane True we met in the first book has come a long way, and I am certainly looking forward to how she *hilariously* evolves in the next book, Eye of the Tempest. Please write faster, Dr. Peeler!

Reading Order:
Tempest Rising
Tracking The Tempest
Tempest’s Legacy
Eye of the Tempest (future 2011 release)