Lover Unleashed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 9)

Lover Unleashed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 9) - J.R. Ward Originally posted at WickedLilPixie Reviews

Shall we discuss? First, if you haven’t read the book: STEP AWAY FROM THE BLOG NOW. Go, RUN ALONG. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, so CLOSE THIS NOW!

My Rating:


Okay. Complaints first.

I swear to god if I read the word Verily ONE MORE TIME, I was gonna shank a bitch. Geezus, you can say fuck but somehow you still manage to throw in verily? DURING SEX AHHHH.

Spaz: I would like to see Wrath pass a new law, effective immediately: Take the “verily”s back to the Other side, bitches!

And the label dropping, JR Ward you are NOT going to get kick backs from the companies you mention it, so slow it down already.

Spaz: Yeah, the name dropping is her MO and it drives me bananas! What killed me though was that Manny was speaking Brother. Is speaking Brother some kind of genetic thing??

V. V. WTF happened to V? I think he has officially gone the way of Phury in the wtf category. All love I had for V, gone. GONE. GOOONE. What a bitch he turned out to be.

Spaz: I was pretty much ready to help Jane pack her bags.

Payne being paralyzed yet she is cured by super dick? COME THE FUCK ON. You so know I was going there & it wasn’t going to be pretty. Male ego wet dream much? He did her so good she could walk again? BAHAHAH. No.

Spaz: OMG I totally channeled the 50 Cent/Lil Kim song for Manny/Payne: “Magic Stick”. Look up the lyrics. That is all.

Things Pixie is pondering:

XCor’s buddy whatever the hell his name is, kills the human murderer…then frames Veck (Detective for it) & wipes his memory. Jose (Butch’s ex-partner) hears Butch in the 911 call, thus realizing he is alive. Somehow I think these two are going to come to a head & maybe the Brother’s get outted to humanity? Maybe I’m wrong, but who knows.

Spaz: I totally agree that Jose and Butch are going to reunite somehow, that story ain’t over. Also, word out on the street (AKA the BDB messageboards) is that Veck will be the Hero in the next Fallen book, Envy.

Why does XCor hate Wrath so much? Now that he knows the Bloodletter is not his father, watch his real father be Wrath. Cause you know Wrath’s DNA is slutty & gets around more then a two dollah hoe.

Spaz: I think that Wrath Sr. is Xcore’s dad, making Xcor and Wrath brothers. Xcore was dumped because of his “physical defect” cleft lip and the Bloodletter scooped him up. There’s nooo tellinggg what the Bloodletter told Xcore over his lifetime to make him hate Wrath… I expect a definite “keeep reeeading” from JRW on that one.

Things Spaz is pondering:

The Prologue mentions that the 7 Warriors fight “slayers, humans, animals and WOLFEN.” WTF are the wolfen?? And do they have anything to do with the coffins that were mentioned again, by Q when he got home from the Iron Mask?

Pixie: Wolfen, like Wolven? Ain’t seen hide nor fur of any beasts up in Caldwell. WTF is up with the coffins, seriously! Old skool artifacts?

Throe is in servitude to Xcore for avenging the brutal murder of his sister. He is part of the glymera society that is in the Caldwell area. And, his father was a Brother. Based on Throe’s description it does not sound like he was disowned because of “physical defects”. Was he disowned because he aligned with Xcore to have his sister avenged?? Who was his sister? And who was his father?? Would he be called Throe Sr? Aahhh!

Pixie: I full on admit to calling Throe, Toe for the whole damn book. I have no idea why, it just looked like Toe to me. Toe Sr. I agree.

While I don’t doubt the daughter Q has a vision of could be his and Layla’s, I do doubt the circumstances surrounding how the daughter comes to be. JRW is tricky! Does Layla spend too much time topside, goes in to her needing, then turns to Q to help her with it and thus they make baby? OR (and believe me, I like this the best) Do Qhuay get their HEA in their novella, and turn to Layla to be a surrogate mother for them?

Pixie: OMG I am so on board with the surrogate! But verily, through artificial insemination please.

What Pixie lurved

Q almost killing himself as he realizes, yep I wanna tap Blays ass. I loved it! LOVED.

Jane almost walking out on V. You go Ghost Girl, you deserved better & that scene made me like her even more.

Hollywood & the popcorn machine, totally random & yet I giggled.

JR Ward dropping Dana White into a sentence, I full well know lots of people are going WHO the FUNK is Dana White. Google.

What Spaz loved:

The friendship that blossomed between Layla and Qhuinn. They are two peas stuck in a shitty miserable pod. He confides in her his feelings for Blay, and is honest about his lack of passion for her. He also encourages her to get out and try to find herself and what she wants. I know, it’s kumbaya shit, but I loved it. I know I know, Layla is annoying with all her “verily”s, her clingyness and the “hills are alive” singing crap when she thinks she’s in love, but she truly breaks my heart. His offer & willingness to supply her with blood so she could stay topside was awesome.

Jane. I have always been a fan of Jane and to me this was her book to show all the Jane Haters what’s up.

OMG when Payne fights off that robber and picks him up and throws him like Superman. I was laughing out loud.

Xcor and Throe and The Prostitute Named Kandy. I am not too proud to admit that might have been the dirrty highlight of the book for me. I was disappointed FOR her that they had to wipe her memory of that because, just, damn. <–BEST part of the smexy scenes. BEST. I’d like video.<br/>
It has to be said, I love the closure between V and Butch romantically. For me, and evidently for Jane, I’ve been worried that they would have a cheating tryst. But where their relationship went was soooo much more. What Butch did for V was just… wow. That half-breed always seems to be saving everyone!

Pixie’s favorite line:

“For fuck’s sake, he wished one of the SOBs would RuPaul their shift and go all feather boa and fingernail polish. But no. – Qhuinn pg. 118

Spaz’s favorite line:

“God, check this shit out. From slut to camp counselor in a week. Next up: a guest stint on The-fucking-View.” – Qhuinn pg. 288


Not bad but also not the best. I wanted more Q & B, and I missed Tohr damnit. I wasn’t all into the storyline with Payne, I liked Manny a lot more then her. She verily bored me.

There were too many storylines going on people, way too many.


Manny & Glory (the horse)
Manny & Work
Manny & Jane
Manny & Payne
Manny & V
Manny & Butch
V & Jane
V & Payne
V & Butch
Jane & Payne
XCor & his Bastards
XCor’s Bastard & The Serial Killer (why the hell was he obsessed with that anyways?!)
Jose, Veck & The Serial Killer
Jose & Butch’s Voice
Jose & Veck (Daddy issues much?)
XCor’s Bastard & Veck
Spaz: 17. Hi! Me again! Let’s not forget the Xcore/Throe/Prostitute threesome! I really liked that part, OKAY? I bet her editors had a field day with that one.

Pixie: Dear god, that’s SIXTEEN DIFFERENT POINTS PEOPLE!!! And I was told there was only 18 uses of the word Verily. I verily doubt that. And who the hell is Throe’s daddy?! WHO I ASK YOU! And yes, I totally call him Toe in my head, you know you all did too. Don’t front.

Spaz: I called Xcor ‘Excore’ until I remembered the ‘X’ is silent. By then it was too late, so he’ll probably always be Excore now. And I want more Muhrder! We only got a taste of his crazy ass in LM and he was only mentioned once in passing.

Pixie: I totally called him that too! He’s like X-Core…Hard Core. Okay, shutting up now.