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Anne Rice finally, truly, jumps the shark

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When you choose the hill you are going to die on, don't let it be this:




You would have to be living under a rock to not be aware that Anne Rice is in a pitched battle with a few people in the amazon forums, as well as all reviewers who don't hand out 5-star reviews like they are candy, and, not coincidentally, Jenny Trout, who got on her bad side (again) by pointing out how offensive this book is.


Let's just take it apart for a small moment. Some self-published author with a stupid pseudonym (in this case, Fionna Free Men) slaps together a bunch of crappy erotica and equally crappy covers, and then puts them on amazon for sale. So far, nothing to see here, right?


Except one of those pieces of erotica is a "master-slave BDSM fic" about Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings. Sally Hemings is a real historical personage. She was the half-sister of Jefferson's dead wife and Jefferson's slave, and, while there is dispute amongst historians, there is significant historical evidence to demonstrate that Jefferson raped her for the first time when she was between 14 and 15 years old, and continued raping her indefinitely, fathering six children with her. 


Let me not mince words. I use the word "rape" intentionally because Sally Hemings was an enslaved person and was unable to consent to a relationship with Jefferson. One can only consent if one can refuse consent. A slave is not an owner of her body, she has no agency. She cannot say no, and therefore, she cannot say yes. So the idea that Hemings "consented" to a relationship with Jefferson in any fashion whatsoever is bullshit.


But that isn't the point of this post. The point of this post is that Anne Rice - and honestly, I still expected better of her, which I guess makes me nuts - has chosen to defend that book because she hates Jenny Trout more than she hates racist rape apologia. Which even I didn't expect of her. 


Here is her original facebook post, screenshotted:



And here's her response to another person who is going to go buy the book to "support free speech":


For completeness, let's get the original offending post linked as well:




Now, let's get a couple things straight. 


First off, this has nothing to do with free speech. Fionna Free Men, wherever the fuck she is, has a right to write all of the racist, disgusting and despicable rape apologia that she wants. She is free to speak. What she doesn't have a right to, actually, is a platform. The government is prohibited from interfering with her free speech. Neither amazon nor Jenny Trout are the government. So the next person who mentions "free speech" in the discussion should be sent back to high school and forced to attend civics class until they can pass the section on the Bill of Rights.


Second, Jenny Trout did not tell people to pirate the book. She told them neither to buy nor to read it. But if they, for whatever reason, couldn't stand the thought of not firsthand experiencing 19 pages of glorified racism and rape, then by all means, they should pirate it rather than giving the author one thin dime off of the pile of shit that is this book.


And that, my friends, is the hill that Anne Rice has chosen to die on. She hates Jenny Trout so much that she will support that crap over Jenny. And she hates the "bullies" so much than anything that they think is bad, she must go on record as calling good. Even if that thing that is "good" is a disgusting rape fic about a 14-year-old black enslaved person who was raped by her 44 year old white owner for decades.


When this fight started, did she imagine that it would end with her defending the glorification of child abuse and racism? Somehow, I think not.

The Silent Sister

The Silent Sister - Diane Chamberlain Predictable, but enjoyable.

Broken Open

Broken Open - Lauren Dane Fabulous addition to Lauren Dane's The Hurley Boys series.
Another page-turner, I could not put down the fast-paced contemporary romance down.
Dark and broody Ezra Hurley is a superbly dark hero, with a painful past.
Tuesday Eastwood is putting her life back together, and not looking for a relationship. We all know how well that works. The chemistry is tangible, and comes off the pages, in typical Lauren Dane fashion. The book left me wanting more.

Rock Hard

Rock Hard - Nalini Singh I am a long time Nalini Singh fan. I have been a long time reader of her Psy-Changeling and Guild Hunter series. But don't write off my opinion as an already biased fan! I did not click with the first Rock Kiss book. I just felt it was not my thing, and truth be told, did not even finish it. I had an "it's not you, it's me" speech with it, and moved on. A fellow blogger friend told me how much she enjoyed this second Rock Kiss book, and I decided to give the series another try.
I am SO glad I did!
The heroine, Charlotte Baird, comes from a very dark past of violence, and it was handled so well. The growly hero, Gabriel Bishop, is so very alpha, and the two meet in the middle beautifully. 
I thoroughly enjoyed the pacing, and there were so many absolutely swoon-worthy romantic moments, too many to count.
If you are looking for a fast-paced, slow burn contemporary romance, give this book a try. It can be read standalone.

Lion's Share (Wildcats Book 1)

Lion's Share (Wildcats Book 1) - Rachel Vincent excited for this new series!

I was ways a Jace fan and was so excited to be back in this world. I LOVE the set up for the new territory!! Very much looking forward to seeing what else Rachel Vincent does with this.

The Good Girl

The Good Girl - Mary Kubica I did not enjoy this book. Three different perspectives on a kidnapping, and NOTHING happened. Additionally, I could not connect with any of the characters. When I wasn't bored to death, I was angry at messy details and implausible conversations. Ugh. I want these 11 hours back in my life.

The Deal

The Deal - Elle Kennedy I devoured this! I had pre-ordered it because I saw Mandi with Smexybooks raving about it. I am so glad I did, I stayed up way too late trying to finish. I adored every aspect of this story and it gave me everything I require in a romance. Looking forward to the next book!!

Lion's Share

Lion's Share - Rachel Vincent This made me want to go back and skim my Shifters books. I don't remember much of Abby, but was ALWAYS team Jace. I enjoyed this and look forward to see what else RV has for us in this world! :)

Give It All

Give It All - Cara McKenna LOVED Duncan! Can't wait for the next book!

The Cuckoo's Calling

The Cuckoo's Calling - Robert Galbraith I listened to this an audiobook, and it was quite good. It dragged at times because of the excessive descriptions, but it found it's mystery pace eventually, and I was hooked. I will definitely check out the next book in the series! Really enjoyed Cormoran and Robin!

The Girl on the Train

The Girl on the Train - Paula Hawkins, India Fisher, Louise Brealey, Clare Corbett I listened to this and COULD NOT STOP LISTENING. No info dumps or unnecessary descriptions - FANTASTIC written and audio narration! HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE AUDIOBOOK!!!!

Falling from the Sky

Falling from the Sky - Sarina Bowen Thoroughly enjoy this author. She's become an auto-buy, particularly after Understatement of The Year and her NA series. This is the first of her Adult books I've read, I'm about to read her backlist now!

The Hooker and the Hermit

The Hooker and the Hermit - Penny Reid, Luci Cosway This was such a fun treat! I was excited to read a new LH Cosway, she's an auto-buy for me. Little did I know when I started it on Tuesday night that I'd be up, literally, all night devouring it. I couldn't put it down. Very fun and enjoyable, with the right amount of heavy. Another winner!

Run To You

Run To You - Charlotte Stein Charlotte Stein is an auto-buy for me. I didn't love this one as much as I usually love her stories. But that's okay!


Shadowbound - Dianne Sylvan I think I might have finally lost interest in this series. It took me several tries to get in to this one, and then it just dragged. I LOVED the start of the series, and have remained loyal. Maybe this was just off and I will try book 6, but for now, I'm shelving interest.


Burned - Karen Marie Moning I went in to [b:Iced|12444166|Iced (Fever, #6)|Karen Marie Moning|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1333022535s/12444166.jpg|17427104] with low expectations, and ended up LOVING it. She made me like Dani, and has kept us waiting all this time for MORE. It's been a weird journey to Burned. I was already raising an eye brow when KMM announced it would go back to Mac's POV, because I felt like, we've HAD her POV and she and Barrons have resolved their HEA. Why are you doing this?

This brings me to my first issue. Making up some bullshit memory at the start of the book and using it to cause strife between Mac and Barrons really was a cheap trick. It was forced. I didn't like it. At all.

My second issue? Jada. W. T. F. I could have digested Dani going through the Silvers and coming back older, so that she can Ryo could perhaps explore a romance. But an ALTERNATE PERSONALITY? Bullshit. You MADE me like Dani! WHY would you think that fans would be open to this Jada mess? I call bullshit, and I also feel like this was cheap trick number 2.

My third issue was this book had tons of filler in it.

And my fourth issue? The final line, making it a wannabe cliff-hanger, ONLY IT WAS SO PREDICTABLE. The minute Dageus was supposedly dead, I knew. KNEW. Not only that he wasn't dead (helllloooooo - arguably the most favorite of the Highlanders), but that she'd also use him coming back as a way to end the book. And you know what? It's not even that special. Half the cast now can't be killed. Is it really such a shocker that Dageus isn't dead??? FREAKING LAME.

All this being said, I love KMM's writing. She really lifts me up and drops me in to this world. And I love reading about the Nine, about her version of Dublin, I cannot quit this series. Perhaps that is why I feel so passionately about the flaws of Burned and the way I truly feel let down by the author. This book has left me, and my trust in KMM as an author to not pull cheap tricks, feeling somewhat "Burned".

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