Burned - Karen Marie Moning I went in to [b:Iced|12444166|Iced (Fever, #6)|Karen Marie Moning|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1333022535s/12444166.jpg|17427104] with low expectations, and ended up LOVING it. She made me like Dani, and has kept us waiting all this time for MORE. It's been a weird journey to Burned. I was already raising an eye brow when KMM announced it would go back to Mac's POV, because I felt like, we've HAD her POV and she and Barrons have resolved their HEA. Why are you doing this?

This brings me to my first issue. Making up some bullshit memory at the start of the book and using it to cause strife between Mac and Barrons really was a cheap trick. It was forced. I didn't like it. At all.

My second issue? Jada. W. T. F. I could have digested Dani going through the Silvers and coming back older, so that she can Ryo could perhaps explore a romance. But an ALTERNATE PERSONALITY? Bullshit. You MADE me like Dani! WHY would you think that fans would be open to this Jada mess? I call bullshit, and I also feel like this was cheap trick number 2.

My third issue was this book had tons of filler in it.

And my fourth issue? The final line, making it a wannabe cliff-hanger, ONLY IT WAS SO PREDICTABLE. The minute Dageus was supposedly dead, I knew. KNEW. Not only that he wasn't dead (helllloooooo - arguably the most favorite of the Highlanders), but that she'd also use him coming back as a way to end the book. And you know what? It's not even that special. Half the cast now can't be killed. Is it really such a shocker that Dageus isn't dead??? FREAKING LAME.

All this being said, I love KMM's writing. She really lifts me up and drops me in to this world. And I love reading about the Nine, about her version of Dublin, I cannot quit this series. Perhaps that is why I feel so passionately about the flaws of Burned and the way I truly feel let down by the author. This book has left me, and my trust in KMM as an author to not pull cheap tricks, feeling somewhat "Burned".