Lovely Wild

Lovely Wild - Megan Hart No spoilers here.
Wow. What a roller coaster this book is.

I didn't read the blurb, I just went forth knowing I was reading a Megan Hart, and shortly in to it I was like "Wait. Is this a noir mystery? I assumed this was a Romance but I don't see any romance hero material going on here." A little bit later I was like "I'm thoroughly freaked out right now, is this a Horror novel? What is this book???" I had absolutely no idea what to expect, and I loved it.

I was whisked away by the story of Mari, her kids, and her husband. And thoroughly creeped out. I stayed up waaayyyy too late after starting this and honestly got super scared a few times in the middle of the book.
I immediately felt a connection with the heroine Mari, and this dark sense of dread filled the pages for the majority of the story, that something terrible is going to happen to her. We get narration from Mari, her husband Ryan and her daughter Kendra. The sense that the narration from Mari and Ryan is unreliable really added to the overall feeling that something scary or bad is going to happen. The story that unfolds??? Off the rails. I guess all this boils down to me saying I LOVED this book!

Take a chance on this book. You will be thoroughly creeped out, and it will leave you thinking long after you are done.