Heat - R. Lee Smith Whewwwwwwwboy. This book is definitely not for everyone. It follows two aliens who come to earth. One, Kane, who has escaped from prison and one, Tagen, who is following him to bring him back. Kane is basically Evil incarnate, and his entire storyline is one GIANT trigger warning. Seriously. I found myself not being able to put the book down mostly because I just couldn't imagine how much more depraved Kane could be. Pages and pages and pages of Kane being the most awful horrific villain I have ever witnessed, and I was shamefully hooked. I had originally started this book last year after reading and LOVING [b:The Last Hour of Gann|18589656|The Last Hour of Gann|R. Lee Smith|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1380286253s/18589656.jpg|26331984], and thought at around 19% it was not for me. But something prompted me to pick it up now, a year later, and I could not put it down. To say this book is dark is an understatement. IT IS DARRRRRK. Violent. Hard to watch at many, heck, most, times. And yet I couldn't put it down. And the best part? I LOVED HOW IT ENDED. The ending, after this ridiculously fucked up story, was perfection.