Hot Head (Head #1)

Hot Head (Head #1) - Damon Suede It took me a while to get in to this. I did not connect with Dante, at all. I thought he was a ridiculous selfish a-hole and grew frustrated watching Griff chase him around all over the place. Once they finally got together, it was very steamy. By the end, Dante was making me laugh. I have to say that I got a KICK out of all the terms used for wanking off!! "Greasing your dork", "burped the worm", "tickled the pickle", "tug the pug", "pump the stump", "beat the bone", "spank the crank", "spank the shank" -- you get the idea; every page seemed filled with colorful masturbation terms. One of my favorite sex lines in Hot Head was "dock his shiny knob so they could bump plump cockheads" >,< *I die*. All in all it ended up being an entertaining read, and enough sentimental moments for me to make the read worthwhile.