If You Know Her

If You Know Her - Shiloh Walker Posted at Life As A Spaz

Basically, if you love suspense and romance, you need to read this trilogy. Don't put it off any longer, don't wait. I picked up the first book, If You Hear Her on a whim, and devoured it. I was so entranced that I begged Shiloh Walker herself for ARCs of the next two books in the trilogy so I could find out what happened next. I was obsessed! Thankfully, she took pity on me and sent them my way. This is a great trilogy that has an overall crime mystery that is solved over the duration of the three books, and you get three HEAs out of it with characters you grow to know and love. And when I say you grow to know and love them, I promise that you do.

The plot was a little slower moving in the beginning of If You Know Her compared to the first two books, but the sexual tension and graphic scenes between Law and Nia were the smoking hottest! Rawr! Law has been obsessed with Nia since he first met her and she pulled a gun on him. Yup, you read that right. And Nia, despite herself, can't stop thinking about Law either. Their interactions just keep jacking up the tension higher and higher until *I* was ready to combust.

The killer knows folks are on to him and is beginning to panic, and we get a lot more storyline from his perspective. I thoroughly enjoyed the revealing of the killer, and how he is brought down. I was on the edge of my seat reading it all play out. I have to admit I had the killer figured out from the start of this third book. It all clicked. I had my suspicions but boom, I knew. Despite one major detail we were given in the first book that I knew could be accounted for in other ways *ahem*. I loved the twists and turns and how everything is revealed, and the end! OMG! It really does come down to all 6 of our favorite characters battling it out with the bad guy and the women play such kickass strong roles, I just felt proud for them. The last 50 pages made me bite all my fingernails off.

Don't miss this trilogy!! Start with If You Hear Her, then If You See Her, and then finally If You Know Her completes the romance suspense trilogy.

Grade: A. This is definitely a book and a trilogy to spaz over!