Chaos Burning (Bound By Magick, #2)

Chaos Burning (Bound By Magick, #2) - Lauren Dane Chaos Burning is the second book in Lauren Dane's Bound by Magick series, and it proves to be just as wild and satisfying ride as the first book in the series, Heart of Darkness. Lark Jaansen is a high ranking witch from her clan in Los Angeles and has been asked to come to Seattle by Clan Owen to help better train their hunters in handling the influx of violence that is being wrought on Seattle. Turned witches and mages are banding together with their stolen magick and waging a war among the Others, which is shrouded in mystery.

Lark is a very strong and smart warrior witch with a healthy dose of independence to boot. Simon Leviathan is a Lycian werewolf prince, and co-owner of the Heart of Darkness club with Dominic. As a favor, Simon is there at the airport waiting for Lark as she arrives to town, and there are most definitely sparks, but they foster those sparks in the direction of a friendship. Neither think the other is "their type", so they shoot for friendship, and incidentally let their guards down. This allows them to build a strong foundation, then watch something grow from there, and that became one of my favorite things about Chaos Burning; the friends to lovers element.

"I'm here, drawn to you. I didn't see it until it was right under my nose." - Simon

There is amazing tension that is built at a wonderful pace between the hero and heroine. It's fun to experience them grow on each other and realize they are hot for each other for themselves. We watch them learn each other and spend time with one another with no expectations or pressure. What grows from it is as much hot as it is sweet. I loved their chemistry and banter.

"You keep thinking you're in charge of me and I'm puzzled, Simon."

"How so?"

"Don't snarl at me. You're an intelligent man. You know how to soothe women. Heaven knows I've seen you do it dozens of times. But you try to handle me as if that would ever work. You know it can't work, Simon. You know you're not the boss of me in any way."

Love it! Lark is very snarky and independent, and Simon is very alpha but they both meet in the middle and allow each other to be themselves while being together. It all worked for me. They get to fight and run together and be partners in figuring out who is at the helm of the violence being directed at them.

Lauren Dane continuously remains one of my reliably favorite authors. She is one of those authors where I know I am guaranteed a great read, whether it's contemporary erotic romance (Brown Siblings), futuristic erotic romance (Phantom Corps), or paranormal romance such as this series, my expectations are always met. The friendships that are developed, the relationships that are built, the world building, great narrating, and simply superb writing leaves me always wanting more. Chaos Burning is no exception to that rule.

The Bound by Magick series itself is pretty dense in world building. While this book could probably be read stand-alone, I wouldn't recommend it. Start with Heart of Darkness, you'll love it! I am definitely chomping at the bit for the third book in the series, Going Under, to be released in February 2013.
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