The Ripple Effect

The Ripple Effect - J.A. Saare This review is spoiler-free, but assumes a familiarity with the first two Rhiannon's Law books in the series, Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between and The Renfield Syndrome.

The Ripple Effect is the third book in J.A.Saare's Rhiannon's Law series, and Rhiannon Murphy is still just a girl trying to make it in the Big City, who am I kidding? She is still a bartending badass at The Black Panther, with a side job as a necromancer with her buddy Goose in New York City.

Disco’s maker, Marius, is coming to town and everyone is fareeeaking, because Marius knows what happened with Graham Tavish in the previous book, The Renfield Syndrome. Rhiannon destroyed the half-demon to save Disco’s life (giving the middle finger to fate) and temporarily controlled all of the vampires under his power while she did it. That is a lot of power for one woman to have, and naturally, Marius feels threatened by it. He also knows that she is bonded to both Disco and Paine, and it is her duty to make Marius believe she accepts the responsibility of being marked by two vampires in the same household. She must also convince him she accepts his sovereignty... You read that right - sovereignty. *snickers* Marius also wants her to hand over Sucker, the only known knife that can kill demons. She is not down with that. At all.

Every time a demon is summoned, a kitten dies. Please God, save the kittens. ~Rhiannon

Previously, Marigold Vesta, a fallen angel, had returned Rhiannon to the present in time to save Disco, but at a price. She must now help find Marigold’s resting place and return her to the land of the living, or else offer up her own body as a vessel. Rhiannon goes hunting a serial killer who has killed two strippers, since she will need a (murdering-no-good-had-it-coming-to-him) sacrifice if she is going to be able to bring Marigold back, and in doing so, a new character is introduced named Bane. Bane is muy intriguing and mysterious. He is an arms dealer, and a little something else, you'll discover. He is a very compelling new character, and I can't wait for more story on him.

Rhiannon’s Law #29: Never get too comfortable. Just when you think the hammock is swinging in the breeze, a hurricane comes along, knocks you on your ass, and slaps you around. When you think it’s safe to relax, it usually isn’t, so sleep with one eye open.

The Ripple Effect definitely does not suffer from a pacing issue. As I've come to expect with this series, events continue escalating so that you feel like it’s !CODE RED ALERT! the entire time, gripping-the-edge-of-your-seat style. There is major violence, awesome gore, and tremendous action. Once again, Rhiannon goes through so much emotionally and physically, and yet I never once doubted she would come out on top. She continues on with her smart talking attitude, and I ate it all up. But what really apealled to me was the redemption of Disco in this one. I felt very satisifed with the turn of events, and the evolution of his character in this. I felt like Disco became the Hero I wanted him to be. Yay!! I also really really loved the Marigold character in this one, and can't wait for more of her. Fans are going to be very very satisfied with this latest installment!

The Rhiannon's Law series is not for the faint of heart! It is very dark, and very violent. This book, particularly, made me squirm. But the payoff is so worth it. This is a straight up Urban Fantasy series, and should most definitely not be read out of order. With that, I leave you with one of my favorite quotes from The Ripple Effect:

Time to drop a house on a bitch. ~Rhiannon

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