Touch of the Demon

Touch of the Demon - Diana Rowland I spent the first third of this book constantly saying to myself, "OMG I just want to get back to Louisiana!" but I am pretty sure that was intended. Kara goes through so much, and I was good and over with the demon world once a specific demon lord-who-shall-not-be-named-to-avoid-spoilers is done with her. I am SO GLAD his true colors and intentions were revealed because I have always HATED that guy! UGH. But then, another demon lord really rises to the occasion *ahem* and he totally won me over. Love him. I devoured this book, and at the end I felt DEEPLY satisfied!! We got some answers I have been wondering about for a while now, and the setup for book 6 is super exciting. Now, I am going to go sit in the corner and whine and bitch (to MYSELF ;)) about how long it will be until book 6, grumble grumble.