Cipher - Moira Rogers Originally posted at WickedLilPixie Reviews

Cipher is the fourth book in the Southern Arcana series by the awesome writing duo that is Moira Rogers. Andrew Callaghan and Kat Gabriel experienced a life changing and traumatic experience just over a year ago that left them both emotionally battered and scarred… and left Andrew a newly turned wolf shifter. They’d always had a thing for each other, but were both young and hadn’t had the chance to take things further.

After the attack, Kat had to deal with everyone seeing her as the broken-hearted fool when Andrew’s new strength and instincts needed to be trained and he had to learn discipline away from Kat. Just as dangerous, Kat’s empathic abilities are deadly if she doesn’t have the right training to keep the powers from bombing someone’s brains out. And so instead of growing closer after the event, they went their separate ways no matter the heartache it caused. But now something is going on that brings them back together and it’s a great ride!

I am a sucker for love stories where the hero and heroine have a complicated history together, as friends to lovers, and Cipher totally delivered for me. The minute Andrew and Kat are together again, I immediately wanted to know more about their motives for staying apart all this time. Where was all this guilt and fear coming from? I wanted them to talk and work it out because their attraction and affection is palpable. The first time they ride in a car together? Holy mama, smoke em if you got em, it’s tense. As their journey makes it clear there is no way they can continue ignoring their need to be together, it is fun to watch it play out. They both learn to accept the fact that they can cause each other severe harm, but that they have the control necessary now to never do that to each other. There were several “awwww!” moments and more than a few “holy hotness!” moments as well. They have the best foreplay scenes ever. Damn! I thoroughly enjoyed this and look forward to see what happens next with Julio and Sera, Anna and Patrick? ooh those are gonna be some good stories right there.

This was a solid Paranormal Romance read, with very very steamy hot action that I loved! There was also a nice dose of violence and gore, that I liked. This book can be read as a standalone with ease, but now I have to go back and read Deadlock which I somehow missed because I don’t want to miss out on this hot action. Here are all the books so far in the the Southern Arcana series:

1. Crux
2. Crossroads
3. Deadlock
4. Cipher