Lethal Rider

Lethal Rider  - Larissa Ione (spoiler free)
Larissa Ione is back with her third Lords of Deliverance novel, Lethal Rider, and it's totally worth the wait!

Thanatos has been kept immobile for the past 8 months by his own siblings, Ares and Limos. Upon discovering Regan's horrible deception in Immortal Rider, he went nuclear and squashed a lot of lives. They feel it's for his own good and only intend to keep him in that state until his baby is born. Hades has his own agenda, and helps break him out of his hellhound saliva-induced paralysis. Naturally, he immediately goes and finds Regan where she is hiding at The Aegis headquarters. We learn that Regan has been living the past 8 months in shame and fear over what she did to Thanatos. She knew she should not have run, yet she did, and is living with the sickening dreams of the guilt she feels. She is not surprised when he shows up for her.

I really wanted to hate Regan, I mean I had a huge hate-on for her at the end of the previous book for what she did to Than. I did not understand how she could do what she did. The beauty of Lethal Rider is that we see Regan's point of view 8 months later with hindsight, and we see just how tortured she is over what she did. We know what motivated her, and we get her backstory that helped to explain what drove her. I don't even feel like I had to work to like Regan, really, and I don't remember even when it happened. I felt like I could understand more of what she did and why she did it and after a while I just didn't care what she did. I wanted her and Than to be together and to have their little "pony boy" together. I felt like they both deserved to be a family, so badly. If folks are worried that she is unredeemable, their worries will be laid to rest. Than gives her soooo muuuuch shiiiiiit, that you really begin to empathize with her. You heart aches, and once they finally allow themselves to try to think ahead and move forward, you are cheering them on.

"No matter how bad Kynan's news is, I've got you, okay?" - Thanatos

With the events going on with the two of them, there is also Pestilence raping and pillaging the world, and also trying to maneuver other fractions against his brothers ands sister. We get some flashbacks of how he was was Reseph, and the ache it must feel to watch what he has become once his Seal has broken. There is no question for me, thanks to a discussion with Bookaholic Cat, that Reaver is somehow involved in the Horsemen's parentage, mostly because he cannot remember his life prior to falling. Larissa Ione mentions very often throughout this book in particular that the Horsemen are part angel, and one big daddy-contender in Lethal Rider is ruled out. The Fallen Angel drama that goes on between Reaver, Harvester and Gethal is very good, and definitely adds to the overall story. Also, major things happen with The Aegis! Betrayal, and really good action stuff, and I love the direction she has taken things in with that. If you've been missing those Seminus demon brothers, have no fear, they get plenty of scenes! We get to see Eidolon and Shade and Wraith, and their lines are memorable as always.

The set up for the 4th book, Rogue Rider, is made for Reseph/Pestilence. I'm a little nervous how that is going to play out, but I was just as equally nervous with how Thanatos's story would play out too, and I loved it. If anyone can redeem a character, it is Larissa Freaking Ione.

All of the elements I expect from Larissa Ione are here. Gore, great mythology, action, and hot steamy smexy times. This was probably the easiest book of the three, so far, to follow just because most of the world-building has been laid out previously. I remember really struggling initially with the first book, even though I'd read the Demonica series, because the world building was so dense. That's not a complaint at all, but it's worth remarking on just how seamlessly everything flowed in Lethal Rider. I assumed that there would only be 4 books in this series since there are 4 Horsemen, but goodreads shows there are 5 books slated, so... YAY! MOAR LoD!! In summary, fans of this series will not be disappointed!

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