Hell To Pay

Hell To Pay - Jackie Kessler Originally posted at WickedLilPixie Reviews
Hell to Pay is the fourth and final (booo!) book in Jackie Kessler’s Hell On Earth series, but it should also be known as the book in which Jezebel comes in to her own and kicks some demon ass!

From the previous Hell On Earth books we have learned that our charming and lively Jezebel is horny. A lot. But rightly so! She is a former succubus who now lives her life as a mortal meat puppet with her first true love “Big Shoulders” Paul. Six months has passed since she first earned her soul to be with the man she loves, and they are slowly trying to build a routine living together despite their conflicting schedules. Jez still dances at Spice as an exotic dancer and Paul is busier than ever as a detective. Jez, now known as Jesse in her human world, has developed real human connections with fellow humans, and is beginning to experience all new feelings she doesn’t know how to define. Someone or something is murdering strippers that she works with, and it’s just a matter of time before he/her/it comes after Jesse. But above all her personal trials and tribulations, she discovers just how important she truly is in the Grand scheme of things, and all the world may hang in the balance of her making one decision. A choice. She has come to a true Crossroads.

In Hell to Pay, the stakes are way higher than our previous journeys with our beloved former-succubus. Jezebel has plenty of worldly experience being a demon for 4,000 years, but is negative-clueless to human emotions. As one traumatic even after another happens, she gets a crash course in what it feels like to experience pain, loss, love. We also see how how she identifies then handles these emotions, and moves on. We experience every newfound feeling with her for the first time making this book the rawest of them all. Jez is still the same silly goofy mess we first loved about her from the start, but things have gotten very… real… for her now.

Jackie Kessler’s Hell to Pay series is refreshing, steamy, charming, and smart. Hell to Pay is a truly fantastic way to end the series, even if the ending is bittersweet. Thank Hell! there will be a new series (a Hell.2) called Pit and Paradise in which we are rejoined with our beloved Jezebel and her gang of otherworlders we have so deeply come to love. Ms. Kessler promises us that she will have the first eBook of the series written by this Fall! I neeeeeed more Feathers (I know, I know she wants to be called Angel but she’ll always be Feathers to me), and I need more Daun. And Jez, and Paul, and Magaera, and ohhh nevermind. I need more of them all.

Here are the four books in the Hell On Earth series. Please give this series a try. I think you’ll become an instant Jez fan just like me, and devour all four books like chocolate omnomnom!

Hell’s Belles
The Road to Hell
Hotter Than Hell
Hell To Pay