Love Immortal

Love Immortal - Felicity E. Heaton Originally posted at WickedLilPixie Reviews

Lauren is a seemingly normal woman on the verge of her 35th Birthday. While leaving Kendo class she is attacked by a pack of werewolves, and rescued by Julian, a mysterious brooding man whom she feels immediately compelled to. We discover that she is drawn to this rescuer because he is her 3,000 year old Arcadian commander who promised to serve and protect her reincarnations as a demi-goddess to defeat the evil Lycaon. Lauren discovers that she is the reincarnation of the demi-goddess Illia, whose mission is to stop Lycoan before he can take revenge on the gods and ultimately end the world. Our Hero Julian has been has been watching over the previous incarnations of Illia, but they have all previously failed and died. They have also been very different from Lauren and he has agonizingly witnessed each previous incarnation fail and mistreat him. Lauren/Illia and Julian find themselves falling in love but will they have their happily ever after, or will Lauren fail in defeating Lycoan once again, and force Julian to experience yet another heart break.

My biggest issue with Love Immortal is the length. The story that was ultimately told did not need to be 700 pages long. Ms Heaton tells the story in excessive detail at times, which made some parts really drag. I found myself skimming drawn out sections, which I absolutely hate to do. I did enjoy the blend of Greek god mythology with werewolves and vampires - it was interesting and well-done. Then there is Julian, our Hero… I found him to be somewhat endearing and altho I understood his reasons for it, he brooded entirely too much. At times I struggled with feeling sorry for him, to straight up thinking he was a total (proper noun) Wimp. There is a lot of high emotion, and some sexual tension, but if you are like me and prefer a little more smexy action in your books, you won’t see anything until after page 600. The secondary characters were somewhat compelling but nothing new. It could have been any other Paranormal Romance novel as far as their skills and personalities.

This book was solid if you like fairy tale love stories with a paranormal twist, but it did not knock my socks off.