Eternal Rider

Eternal Rider - Larissa Ione Originally posted at WickedLilPixie Reviews

“War is hell.”

- William Tecumseh Sherman

“Sherman was totally my bitch.”

- War

Larissa Ione is back and in full effect with her novel Eternal Rider, the first in her new Lords of Deliverance series.

The first Horseman Reseph had his Seal broken during the events in the last of the Demonica books Sin Undone, causing him to become Pestilence. He has completely turned evil and is hellbent on breaking the Seals of his 3 fellow Horseman brothers and sister to bring about the Apocalypse. Ares is the Horseman who would be War, and his Seal is carried by a Fallen Angel. If the Angel dies and is not able to pass the seal to someone else beforehand, the Seal will break turning Ares in to War. Through a series of events, the heroine Cara ends up unwillingly carrying Ares’s Seal, and thus begins their journey together to prevent Pestilence from starting armageddon.

Even as a rabid fan of Larissa Ione’s Demonica series, this book held a tremendous amount of backstory and set up through about the first third of the book. It slowed the pace down and could be overwhelming to anyone not familiar with Demonica. I would never discourage anyone from reading Eternal Rider, but having a background and familiarity with the Demonica characters and mythology gave me a better enjoyment of this new world. Once things start heating up after about a third way through the book, however, hold on to your seat because the story flies.

Eternal Rider is a complex and intense story that is filled with imaginative characters that hold great depth typical of Ms Ione. The world building is richly layered and wonderfully dark. We meet the major players for the next books in the series and the foundation is solidly laid. You will be captivated by the other two Horseman siblings who are fighting to keep their Seals intact – Limos who would be Famine, Thanatos who would be Death. One of my favorite new characters we aren’t introduced to until the end of the book, Hades, really left an impression on me and I can’t wait to see him in future books. As promised, we get appearances from those hot Seminus brothers and some of their mates, we even get to see UGH once or twice! Cara wasn’t one of my favorite heroines of all time, but who cares. The complexity and excitement of what all was going on made my slight annoyances with her a non-issue.

On Twitter last week Larissa Ione stated that Reseph AKA Pestilence will get his own book and she is very excited to write it. If anyone can make such a sick twisted psycho redeemable, it’s Ms Ione. But, next up in the series is Immortal Rider where we get to learn more about the gorgeous (and deadly) Limos. It is set to release on December of 2011 and I can’t freakin wait! Is it December yet?