Something About Witches

Something About Witches - Joey W. Hill Originally posted at WickedLilPixie Reviews

This is my first Joey W. Hill book and I am very enthusiastic over picking up more! Something About Witches is the first book in her new Arcane Shot series and I thought it would be a perfect time for me to start in with her and a new series. I was right, because I definitely am a fan of her writing.

Derek Stormwind is this fantastically sexy sorcerer who has lived a long life, taking every chance to learn from his mistakes, and live within the codes of the earth and the arcane. The past between he and Ruby is just too painful for him to move on from and they must reconcile if harmony between Lord and Lady is kept balanced. But more than that, Derek realizes he has been misled and what he thought he knew, he didn’t know at all. He becomes fiercely intent on saving Ruby from the Darkness and from herself, at whatever cost. Discovering the layers of affection and respect and love he has for Ruby is truly so intriguing, and makes him the epitome of the charmingly alpha hero you long to find in stories.

Ruby Night Divine was an abused child at the hands of her narcissistic mother. She has been told to hide the greatness and astonishing power within herself, always living in the shadow of her mother, Mary. When life became too epically tumultuous and painful for her, she didn’t have the coping skills to deal with her magic and power the way she should have, and Derek… wasn’t there. As we learn what all had occurred between Derek and Ruby before the book picks up, the story that unravels is so emotional and sad. But as Derek discovers how important to him Ruby is, how his life is nothing without her, the ride is a great one because there is hope. Ruby is in severe risk of losing her soul to Darkness, and there is no doubt Derek is the only one who can help her crawl out of the Darkness she and her soul are drowning in.

The emotions this book evoked were intense. The events and feelings revealed throughout the book that happened prior to where we pick up with the couple made me sad for the hero and the heroine. As the great mysteries are revealed and the story of how they are true soul mates plays out, it became gut-wrenching, and depressing at times. This is not your happy fun romance read. However, because of the deep emotion established between the hero and heroine, the smex scenes were all that much more intensely hot and wicked because of it, and left me fanning myself over that naughty Derek and his game. And he. has. game. As the two of them work through what occurred between the two of them three years prior, and things are revealed, some really painful stuff is revealed and I felt my heart breaking for the both of them.

The pacing initially of Something About Witches was weird for me. From the opening paragraph where we are first introduced to Derek, “complete with battered cow-boy hat, his own Chris Cagle “Chicks Dig It” theme song, and honest-to-Goddess dragonskin boots”, I was drawn in. But then it dragged for me through bouts of world building. There were a few instances I had to put the book down because there simply was not enough dialog and I was getting lost in the arcane landscaping. Once I got in to the rhythm of the book about a third way in, I was in it for good. I loved the dark tone of this story, the tormented and broken emotions present in this story along with very interesting and multi-dimentional characters.
Additionally, I liked the secondary characters introduced. Particularly Ruby’s friend Raina and her former Dark Guardian lover Mikhail, who will take front and center stage in the next book. I will definitely be picking up the second book in the series, In the Company of Witches, that releases in May. That shit’s gonna be hoooottt!!!