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Shadow Heir - Richelle Mead Originally posted at WickedLilPixie Reviews
Blurrrg. What. the. hell? That was my initial reaction upon completing Shadow Heir. As the last book in Richelle Mead’s Dark Swan series, I will tell you right now I expected more. Way more. Especially after the great steps back Eugenie made as a character and Queen in the previous book, Iron Crowned. But I hung on, I thought maybe this would just be a case of us needing to remember we can all take a few steps back, but still detour back on course. Sadly, my suspicions that this entire story was pulled out of WTF-ville by the seat of someone’s pants became stronger and stronger as I progressed through the pages. It’s not the writing that is bad, Richelle Mead has to-date been one of my top favorite authors with her Georgina Kincaid series. I just feel that Eugenie, Dorian, and hell even Kiyo (yes I am saying that) deserved more than wrapping the series up this way. Maybe my expectations were too high as a Eugenie fan to see her go away this way, and were unrealistic. Regardless, I am disappointed as a fan.

In this fourth and final Dark Swan installment, Eugenie officially evolves in to one of my least favorite heroines, ever. She was dipping in to this category with Iron Crowned, and this just carried over. She makes one selfishly wreckless step after another, and it just becomes unbearable for me to witness. I ended up finishing this series thoroughly annoyed with the heroine and really caring less what happens to her, outside of how it would affect Dorian. I will always love me some Dorian I wanted an HEA for HIM the most, screw Eugenie. There is that final proverbial nail in the coffin that happens to seal the deal, and I was left saying WHATEVER! This is to be the great legacy of Eugenie Markham? I need my characters to evolve in strength of character, not completely devolve. Whaaaattheeefuuuuudge.

To summarize: big pile of sad faces right here. I’ll probably still check out any future adult Richelle Mead series that may release. Overall I’ve still enjoyed her writing, when I feel her heart is in it. Ms. Mead can tap in to some supremely intense emotions and shake you around a bit. It’s a really awesome ride when the passion is there. The Mead Effect just fell apart somewhere half through Eugenie’s story. I still recommend the first two books of the series! It’s okay, Richelle, I ain’t mad at ya.